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bot.png (BOT) - Allow bots on your chatroom GROUP POWER


  • This power IS NOT A BOT, it is the ability to add a bot to a chat
  • Bot should only access one chat at a time
  • xat could withdraw the power and refund the purchase price without warning
  • No more than one bot is permitted per chat, attempt to assign more will be considered abuse and your chat may be removed from xat lists/charts.
  • Abusing the bot or if the bot breaks the xat terms your chat could be deleted and you will lose the power.
  • If you use a 3rd party bot you have to give the bot ID password to the 3rd party BUT you do not have to give them access to the bot email
  • Bots cannot trade so the powers / days that the bot has are safe.
  • Bots cannot transfer xats or days
  • This is the only acceptable way to connect a bot to xat
  • If your bot service is abusive, the bot service server(s) could be blocked from accessing xat
  • Bots must adhere to the xat terms
  • Bots must use a registered ID

Bot Service Providers

WARNING: Unfortunately some bot sites may be Phishing sites so we've created a list of what we believe to be reliable and have not as of yet had issues with to use. Please note that, while these sites are known to provide working bots, it does NOT mean that endorses them on any level, nor are they managed by xat staff. It also suspected that the chat-rooms listed here are to give support relating to the BOT power and to be welcoming and appropriate for all legitimate users of

CAUTION: Never share your email, xat passwords, or details with any bot service. Create a new xat account for your bot instead.

How to Assign your BOT Power


(example 1) Specific bot being assigned to a chatroom.

First assign the bot power and now press the edit button as shown above.

This can be done by typing (BOT) in the chat, click on the power, and click ASSIGN

After you have assigned the (BOT) power, Edit Your Chat, and go to the BOT power settings

Now input the BOT ID of the xat account that is going to be the bot entering the chatroom and press OK (see example 1)

After you input the BOT's xat account ID, check the BOT power then click Update these options at the bottom and your bot should be allowed to connect to your chat box.

Bonus smilies

  • Any user with days on a group that has this power can use these bonus smilies: