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Official xat Chats

  • The term "Official" refers to ownership of the chat group by
  • Though staff do not run these chats, they are owned by and are managed by appointed users.


Help Chats Debug Owner Language
Assistance Yes Noah International
Help Yes Spell English
Ayuda Yes F1-Impa Spanish
Ajuda Yes Guinho Portuguese
Ajutor Yes Mihay Romanian
Aide Yes Scar French
Aiuto Yes Vale Italian
Chuai Yes Kom Thai
Helfen Yes Anna German
Mosa3adeh Yes Idima Arabic
Ndim Yes Sony Albanian
Yardim Yes Turkish
Pomoc Yes Mia Bosnian & Croatian & Serbian
Pomocy Yes Luca Polish


Trade Chats Debug Owner Language
Deal Yes Christina International
Trade Yes Christina English
Baratto Yes Davide Italian
Cambio Yes Wiki/Dean Spanish
Commerce Yes Anar/Ghost French
Troca Yes Christina Portuguese
Ticaret No Christina Turkish
Comert Yes MuMy Romanian


Other Chats Debug Owner Language
Chat Yes Daniela International
Freewebs Yes Paul/Eric English
Flirt No English
Game Yes Steven English
Jeux Yes Guillaume French
La_Stanza Yes Davide Italian
Lobby No English
Social Yes Jamesey English
Sohbet Yes TBD Turkish
xat_Test Yes Click here English

Nonofficial / Tribute Chats

  • The term "Tribute" refers to a chat group that is accredited by
  • These chat groups are not owned by staff.
  • These chat groups might be monitored by staff from Not affiliated sites.

Tribute and Resource Chats

Designs's chats. Debug Owner Language
Fondos Yes Renjy Spanish
Fundos Yes Guinho Portuguese
Graphics Yes Verite English
Krapfik No Thai
Mundoxat Yes Tikita&TNT Spanish