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everypower.png (everypower).

Other languages:Arabic 100% • ‎German 88% • ‎English 100% • ‎Spanish 100% • ‎French 100% • ‎Italian 100% • ‎Brazilian Portuguese 100% • ‎Romanian 100% • ‎Tagalog 100% • ‎Turkish 38%

To acquire (everypower), you must have every single power xat has ever made, including limited powers and epic powers.

Once you have everypower, you are able to use the special ruby pawn by putting this in your name: (hat#hR).

  • The R in the hat code must be upper-case for it to work.
  • You can also use basic hat codes like (hat#tR) for baseball cap.
  • Your pawn will be ruby throughout every message you send, unless you turn off (everypower)
  • You cannot trade this power, you must trade every power individually.
  • You are able to use (flashrank) with the everypower pawn.