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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

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http://xat.com/twitter The official xat.com twitter, get instant updates on new power releases, information on features and more, straight from xat!

http://xatworld.com The original xat news and resource site for English speakers.

http://xatalert.com Gives the latest updates on xat, including generators and a fair trade guide.

http://xattrade.com The blog and fair trade guide of Trade.

http://test.xatwebs.co xat_Test tribute blog, includes xat updates.

http://arcbots.com Advanced Really Cool Bots (xat bots).

http://fexbots.com Futuristic Entities of xat (xat bots).


http://xatcambio.com Spanish site for latest xat.com related updates and more!

http://mundoxat.com The original xat news and resource site for Spanish speakers.

http://xatnoticias.com Spanish blog on xat related news, information, tutorials and other resources.


http://planetaxat.com The original xat resource site for Portuguese speakers.


http://xatbilgisi.com Turkish xat help site; xat codes, news, tools and much more available.

http://xatyardim.com Turkish xat help blog for Turkish users.


http://xat-aiuto.com The original xat help site for the italian help.


http://illuxat.com Tools, Generators, updates on xat in French.