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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change my Name, Picture and Home Page?

To change your name, click your name at the top of the user list on the right hand side of the chat.
Enter the name you would like to use. (Using your real full name is not recommended)
You can add your own personal avatar where it says "Picture:"

  • To add your own image, simply upload the image to an image provider such as Tinypic.com, Imageshack.us or Photobucket.com.

Get the direct link of the image that you have uploaded, and paste it into the area that says "Picture:"
(Click your name to see the picture field) then press "OK".

How do I get my own chat?

To create your own chat box click here. To create your own chat group click here. (See Groups article for differences between the two)

Can I delete my group?

You can't delete a group that you have made. The most you are able to do is reset it, make it members only and change the password. If you leave it inactive for 90 days or longer it will be available for purchase by other users. If your chat is a chat box, and it is embedded on a site of yours, you can remove the box from your site by erasing the html code from your site.

Can I change my chat group name?

Unfortunately you are not able to change the name of your chat group. However, you can make a new group. To make a new chat group go here.

How do I find other people to chat to?

Check the promoted groups at xat.com home page. Visit http://xat.com/groups or click on the group chat tab. For official chats check here

Is there anything I'm missing out on?

What are xats/days?

xats are xat.com's official currency. To buy, click the "get xats" link on the smilie line. Days are how long you're subscribed, which allows for smilies in your avatar, glitter effects, and lets you use powers. For more info see xats guide and subscriber guide.

What are powers?

Powers allow you to do things you normally can't do on the chat. These include blocking private chats from people you don't know, making your "pawn" purple, or even allowing for more smilies. You need subscriber days to use these. For more info see Powers.

How can I stay safe online?

Go to http://xat.com/safety.html for more information.

What do the colors on the visitors and friends lists mean?

Green is guest, red is offline, gold/orange is owner, silver/white is moderator, blue is member, grey is ignored and brown is banned. Some xat staff accounts have a black icon. Some celebrities may have a cyan/light blue pawn.

Other colors are accessed by buying powers. These include pink, dark blue, and purple. To buy powers, see here

What are those hats on some users' pawns, and how do I get them?

You can get a hat by buying Hat, one of xat's Powers. To buy Hat or other powers, click here. You can use many different kinds of hats.

For example:

  • For a baseball cap, type (hat#t) in your name. To change the color, add # then the color code after it. For example, to make a blue baseball cap, you need the Blue power and type (hat#t#b). For a purple baseball cap, type (hat#t#800080) or (hat#t#rrb). You need all color powers (Blue, Red, Green, and Light) to use hex color codes such as #800080.
  • For a top hat, type (hat#h) in your name. You can customize colors the same way as the baseball cap.
  • For a small egg on the left side of your pawn, type (hat#e) or (hat#g) without gifts. You can change the color to whatever color you choose to, similar to the other hats. If you type (hat#g) alone, the egg will be rainbow if you don't have all xat powers, and silver if you do have all powers.

How many friends should I add?

You can add as many friends as you like but there is no point in adding everyone you ever see, only people that there is a chance that you will want to talk to again. The more friends you have added the harder it becomes to find the ones you really want to talk to.

Can I erase my entire friends list at once?

Unfortunately you can't erase your entire friends list at one time. You need to un-add each friend one by one. If you don't mind making a new account, you can do that and erase your entire friends list. If you want to make a new account, right click on a chat and click settings, then click the folder and drag the bar to 0mb and click close. Then, refresh the page, and you will have a new ID. You can then register this new ID to make a new account.

How do I retrieve the password to my xat account?

Go to the xat login page and click on "Lost password" near the top.

How do I retrieve the password to my xat group?

Click on the "Edit" button at the bottom right of the page, and enter your email in the second box on the next page. Your password will be emailed to the email you created the group with.

What is $tealth mode?

$tealth, or stealth, is when owners or main owners put $ (dollar sign) in front of their name. This makes them look like a guest (pawn is green, and it doesn't say "Owner" or "Main Owner"). The owner in $tealth still has the ability to use all actions without revealing their rank. This is ideal for chatting with suspected rule breakers and seeing how they react to users who aren't mods/owners.

Note that mods or owners can click your name and see that you can't be kicked/banned etc. and know that you're an owner in disguise.

What if I'm locked out?

If you are locked out using AccountLocking, contact http://xat.com/support.

What do the buttons on the user list mean?

These are known as "pools" and appear when your chat has 60 or more users, to prevent too many users in one chat at once.

Why doesn't nameglow / hat / bump Power work?

Please be sure you're typing it in lowercase. (GLOW) doesn't work, and (Hat#t) won't work either.

What if somebody is breaking terms?

If a user is breaking terms, click their picture and click inappropriate at the top. If a chat broke terms, click Inappropriate at the bottom right. Do not report users or groups without a valid reason!

How do I reset my ID?

Right click the chat box, then click settings, and then lower the storage to 0mb. Then refresh and you will have a new ID. This also removes the users at the top when you click your name. N.B. MAKE SURE IT'S REGISTERED OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK!

What does "promoting" do?

Promoting your chat puts it on xat.com homepage, as well as "Widgets" and Group lists. It attracts a lot of users towards your group.

  • Note please abide by promotion guidelines! See Promotion for more information.

To promote your group, see http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/promotion.php

What if a chat name I want is taken?

If the chat is inactive, you may purchase it here. Note depending on how long it's been inactive is how low the price will be!

Why is there a minimum limit of 10 characters for registered names?

Registered names are typically 10 characters minimum (18 max) to allow you to be creative. If you want a shorter name, go to xat.com/name.

What are the official chats?

Check out Chats article for more information about offical chats.

How can I get help with something else?

Visit http://xat.com/help for live help. If you are a paid user, you can open a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket.