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gcontrol.png (GCONTROL) - Configure your chatroom GROUP POWER

Gcontrol allows you to fine tune (to make small adjustments) to the settings of your chat, below you will view a list of all options you can fine tune for your chat.

A toon will show when previously done:

  • Made Guest
  • Made Member
  • Made Moderator
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Unban

A moderator can be set to ban for a duration between 0-99 hours (+2 if mod8 is present and activated), 0 being equal to forever. An owners maximum ban time is 0-999 hours (0 = forever).

Usually owners are only allowed to set a scroller at the bottom of a chat group, however when Gcontrol is assigned this gives an Owner the ability to have Moderators set a scroll as well.

Moderators must have tickle. This power forces Moderators to have account Authentication on. Without Authentication users will be demoted to guest.

Staff members must be a registered user. For example: Gcontrol forces a Moderator to be registered (or else they will be guests)

Preferred blast (0-4) Set 0 for random blast effects. Example: set 4 for a hippo ban blast effect.

Maximum amount of Toons (control toon users at your chat, toons are guests without ID's)

Ad position (0-2) Control the placement of an Ad banner. (0 = random, 1 = top, 2 = bottom)

Some of these settings allow you to choose an rank that can do the option, for example To make a guest, you can have it set to Main Owner and then the main owner will be the only one allowed to guest people.

  • Note: Ban times can be increased. If a Moderator/Owner has Mod8/Gcontrol, it will allow them to ban an extra 2 hours (for a maximum of 4 hours). Please keep this in mind.

Current Ideas

Note these are not guaranteed to be added.

  • Allow "make tempmod" or "make tempmem" or "make tempown" permissions.
  • Add buttons etc. for kicking/making mods when permission is granted.
  • Options for individual users (so one mod can have permissions another doesn't)
  • Allow mute / hush etc. to be disabled or set for mods.
  • Control who can delete messages.
  • Turn off ban reports
  • Ability to remove or change the sensitivity of automatic kicks (anti-flood), or change which ranks are affected.
  • Setting different ban times for tempmods/tempowners.
  • Allow $tealth to be disabled or set for mods.
  • Controlling who can ban/kick/demote who. For example allowing moderators to demote tempmods, preventing owners from banning moderators, preventing tempmods from banning permanent members etc.
  • Control who can post links. For example allowing guests to post links, or only allowing moderators and up to post links.
  • Invisible power permissions (Allowing members, mods, etc. to use it).
  • Giving mods certain abilities that only turn on when no owners are in the chatroom and turn off when an owner enters the chatroom. This would have to ignore any owners that are invisible.
  • Moderator cannot ban a user without putting a reason,and if they click ban without a reason in the box, it won't do anything.
  • Control who can see events on your chat. Example allow Moderators+ to see events, or only Main owner to see events.