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xat is restricting images that can be used on profiles and groups. We will only be allowing Photobucket, Tinypic, Imageshack, Imgur and links. This is to restrict inappropriate material and speed up removal.

Flash files (SWF) will now only be allowed from certain sites.

If you are having trouble editing your page and need a domain un-blocked, please open a ticket at Unblocking your domain is only available to paid users at this time.

Major domain unblocks can be requested at


Uploading Images

To use your own images on xat, you will need to upload to a trusted host (list of trusted providers included in ‘Image Host Providers’). Once uploaded, you will need to use the ‘Direct Link’ on the provider’s Embed page and proceed to use the link on xat.

Image Host Providers:

Below is a list of xat’s trusted image providers. Please make sure that you read and follow xat’s and the image provider’s Terms of Service before uploading any type of images to the hosts.

Cubeupload - 5MB upload limit / Does not require a registered account

Imgur - Non-animated: 1MB upload limit if uploading without an account, 5MB upload limit if uploading with an account (If uploaded above the limit, the image will be compressed) Animated Images: 200MB upload limit

Photobucket - No size limit (but can compress large images) / Photobucket requires a registered account to upload any type of images

Tinypic - Images larger than 1600px will be compressed / Requires solving a CAPTCHA to upload images / Does not require an account to upload images

Imageshack - Requires a paid subscription and a registered account to upload images / File size limit based on subscription purchased - 10MB upload limit / Does not require a registered account to upload images

Uploading to Cubeupload

Uploading to Cubeupload is simple. Go to Cubeupload and click the, “Select Images,” button. Select the image you want to upload and click on “Select,” wait for the image to upload and copy the first link below the image preview.

Uploading to Imgur

Upload to Imgurby going to the website and clicking the blue, “Upload Images,” button on the top left corner. You can either upload from your computer, upload from an Image URL, drag-and-drop the image, or paste the image by using CTRL + C and CTRL + V.

Uploading to Photobucket

Upload by going to Photobucket. Sign up for an account with the “Sign up” button on the page. Once registered, proceed to click the blue, “Upload,” button on the top left corner.

Uploading to TinyPic

Upload to Tinypic by choosing the file with, “Select File,” and uploading by clicking the green, “Upload Now,” button.

Note: You will have to solve a CAPTCHA for the image to upload. Please ensure ad-blockers or applications that might block scripts do not block the CAPTCHA.

Note: TinyPic reserves the right to remove images that have not been viewed in 90+ days.

Uploading to ImageShack

To upload to ImageShack, sign-up for a subscription plan or a free trial and click, “Upload,” on the top left corner of the page.

Uploading to

To upload to, select the file you want to upload on the webpage, and click the green, “Upload,” button.

Embedding the Direct Link as a xat Avatar

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Use "picture" field for the direct link of your avatar.

To use a Direct Link as a xat avatar, copy the direct link and paste it into the avatar box of your player card. Screenshot on the right will show you which field to use.

Note: If you are using a .GIF animated avatar, make sure you use the xat Animated Strip Converter

Using the Image as a Background on a xat Chatroom

Click on "change background" to set an inner background.

Inner Background: To edit your inner background you will need to go to your own chat group (Make sure that you are main owner of the chatroom), and click, “Edit your chat,” and then “Change Background,” then paste the Direct Link of the inner background into the box.

Outer Background: To edit the outer background, click, “Edit,” at the bottom right corner of the chat page. Enter the password, and paste the Direct Link into the, “Background,” box.

xat Radio Player

If you are having trouble using your own radio player, try this one developed by xat.

You can use the embed code below to have a xat radio player in your group/xatspace. All you have to do is copy and paste the code below into your group or xatspace embed box.

<embed src="" width="350" height="100" flashvars="file="> </embed>

And replace "" with your favorite radio IP.

To find radio IP's please see our Radio Articles.