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Türkçe versiyonu için (Turkish version) Opucukler Bakınız.
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Kisses are full screen movies that appear on top of the chat box to everyone on the chat box (unless they are ignoring you). Kisses include a message so don't forget to fill that in.


To use kisses click the magic 8 ball Magic8.png by the audies button on the smilie line and navigate through the pages.
NOTE ** You must be registered and have at least 25 xats **

Some kisses may require certain powers to be assigned to the group or held by the sender, such as the kiss "Dancing Dog", which requires the (animal) power assigned to send the kiss.

Up to date the current kisses are available
Iceheart, Chimney, Bubbly, Newyear, Newyear2, Christmas, LoveHurts, Globe, Fireworks, Snow, Ilu, Iloveyou, Hippo, Mailbox, Kiss, Animal, Grumpy, WildHorses, Ufo, Photo, Magic8Ball, Parachute, StreamTrain, Shark, Vegas, Lips, Car, Rocket, Empty, Dance, Dart, Bubble, Carnival, Doves, Balloons, Eggs, Tomb, Stoneage, Hippo2, Spider, Cupid, Baseball, Spring, Sticky, Holiday, Seaside, Autumn, Weather, Partyball, Easter, Airplane2, Valentine, Farm, Tv, Birthday, Ani1.

Basic Usage

In the message field on the kisses screen, type a message that you want to appear inside the kiss.

In the password field, type in the password to your xat account.

To see a preview of the kiss, click the kiss without putting your password.