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This guide explains how xats can be used for the purchase of kisses, powers, chat promotions, short registered names, inactive chats, and official relationship statuses.

Buying xats

Click "get xats" to open xat's store.

You can now buy xat money (xats) to purchase stuff in the chat box and subscriber time (days) to enable special features.

To buy xats, you first need to be a registered user. To register for xat, click register. If you are already a registered user, click your name in any chat and click the "Get xats" button. Alternatively, you can click the "Get xats" icon on the smiley row. Ensure that the proper registered name and identification number is displayed on the "Get xats" page.

xat currently accepts several payment methods (see below).

What are the payment methods?

As stated above this can vary from country to country. The most common payment method is Paypal. Payment methods currently supported:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Western Union
  • Cash
  • RiteAid
  • Ukash
  • and others...

You may choose the payment method that works best for you. After you’ve done so, you need to fill out all upcoming forms/information that they ask for. You can purchase xats by using Paypal, or a credit card, by selecting the appropriate option from the "Get xats" page. You can also pay by Skrill. Paying through PayPal or a credit card will cause a Reserve to be placed on your account.

Using xats

Click on the 8 ball to open up the interface for kisses.


A kiss is a large animation which appears over the entire chat box and is visible to all users (unless they have ignored you). To send a kiss, click on the magic 8ball in the line of smileys above the text box. You cannot send a kiss on a chat if you are currently banned.

A kiss costs 25 xats to send. On the kiss dialog box, enter your message, as well as your account password, and click on the kiss you want to send. To preview a kiss, enter an optional message, exclude your password, and click on a kiss. Only you will see this.


Heart for couples, plus sign for best friends.

Marriages and BFFs (Best Friends Forever) allow you to pair up on xat. Once you marry or BFF another user, your names will always appear next to each other on the visitor's list in any chat where you are both present. The person with the highest rank takes priority in the order of pairing on the user list. You can marry/BFF anyone you want as long as neither of you are already in a relationship, but remember that they can divorce you for free at any time for any reason. To get married/BFFed, click on the person's name, and click the "Marry/Best Friend" button. Best Friends will be connected with a cross, while married pairs will be connected with a heart.

Window to divorce a user, contains a "message" field to display publicly and a "password" field to confirm it. After you've filled out these fields, click on the image with 2 people arguing.

Divorces are free. To get divorced, click on anyone's name and click the Divorce button. If you change your mind and want to remarry, it will cost another 200 xats, so make sure you are certain. An animation will show to the entire chat when you divorce.


Want to bring more users to your group? There are two ways to promote your group.

Promoting a Group

You can use your xats to promote your group. This will put your group on the xat homepage. You must adhere to all promotion rules. If you do not abide by these rules, your promotion will end and your xats will not be refunded. To check prices, read the promotion rules, or purchase a promotion for your group, see Promotion.

You must be at least a member in order to promote a group. If you have just been made a member, you may need to wait a few minutes. The group you are trying to promote must be open to all users (not members only). Some groups can't be promoted, like Lobby, Help, etc. Groups can be promoted for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of six hours.

You can also attract users to your group by uploading a banner advertisement, which will be displayed above or below chat boxes at other groups. Your banner must be appropriate, and should be 728x90 pixels. To get started, see Promotion.

Group transfer

You can use your xats to purchase groups that haven't been used by their owner in at least three months. The cost of a group transfer can range from 1,000-18,000 xats. It primarily depends on how popular the name is. If the group has been visited by an owner recently, it probably won't be available for transfer. You can check prices and availability here.


Powers are extra features that can be used in the chat. Clicking your name and then "Powers" will give you a list of all available powers. Power costs vary and can sometimes require subscription days for purchase. Limited powers (which are unavailable for purchase on the powers page) can be purchased from other users at Trade. You need subscription days to use powers. If you run out of subscription days, you will keep your powers, but you will be unable to use them until you have days again. Check out the powers page and the Powers support article for more information.

Short names

Short registered names (4-9 characters) can also be purchased with xats. The cost is typically 1,000-25,000 xats, but may be more for exceedingly popular or common terms. Changing a shortname to any other registered name will cause you to lose that shortname. A short name also puts you higher on the visitors list. You can't use any words in a short name that you couldn't use in a normal registered name (restricted words like staff, or inappropriate words). Check out the shortname page for more information.


xats and days can be transferred to another user. To transfer to another user, click on their name, and click the "Transfer" button. Enter the amount of xats/days you want to transfer, your password, and an optional message. The xats/days will be removed from your account and given to the other user. There is a minimum transfer requirement of 10 xats or 1 day. This will be higher if the user has one or more Mint powers.

You can also trade xats, days, and powers with other users. For more information, see the Trading article.