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To use xat mobile on your phone or mobile device, visit Then enter your username and password, and a chat name, and you're ready to go!

Mobile FAQ

Here is a brief FAQ of common issues etc.

  • How do I sign out? There is no sign out button (leaving the page also won't sign you out). However, if you stay inactive for about 10 minutes, you will be signed out. Please let your friends know that you're leaving before you go inactive, or they may think you're ignoring them!
  • How do I ban, kick, etc.? To view a list of options, select a users name, and a panel with options will appear. Then just select the action, and it will instantly perform it.
  • What if xat mobile doesn't work on my device? Your phone must be a smart phone (or any type of phone that supports AJAX). Some versions won't display chat or even let you click the Sign In button, if this is the case then you cannot use xat mobile.


Some users are offering a "new and improved" xat mobile. Please do NOT enter your username and password on any site other than or Any other site is trying to Phish you.