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Up for Deletion

Due to many services going offline in the past we are considering deleting this article rather then amending it - we would like your community views here.


Important Notice always supports copyright holders works and will never support illegally downloading or distributing music illegally or without permission of the content owner.

This guide will help you get a grooveshark playlist for your xat chat. Please follow these steps carefully!

Registering does NOT have their own playlist service. For this guide, we will use grooveshark. This playlist is unblocked and ready to go.

Creating a Playlist

After you make a Grooveshark account, search for songs you'd like, and select the drop-down arrow beside the song title. Then mouse over "Add to Playlist..." and choose a playlist to add it to (you can also make one easily on this page). Once you have an assortment of songs you enjoy, feel free to move on to the next step.

Putting the Playlist on your xat chat / xatspace

Getting the Code

To get the playlist code, mouse over your Grooveshark username at the top right, and select "Playlists". Choose the playlist you'd like. Then hit "Share", then "Embed". Copy the embed code from there and convert it using If you do not convert it, it will not properly work! After you get the new embed code from xatalert, you may put it on your xatspace or chat group using the steps below.

Putting it on your chat

Press the "EDIT" link at the bottom right of your chat (must be a Group), and then enter your group password and scroll down to the media box. Enter the embed code to your playlist there (you can put it onto any page), then click Save Changes. Then your playlist will appear under your chat! (Note may take up to 10 minutes to go live.)

Putting it on your xatspace

To put it on your xatspace, go to and enter your login information. Then input the embed code into the second box (Media box). Then save changes and it will appear on your xatspace. (Note change may take up to 10 minutes to go live.)


  • Consider turning autoplay off, especially if you have more than one playlist or your playlist is hard to see. Users who have a tough time figuring out the source of the music on your chat may leave.
  • Make sure you are obeying the xat terms of service with your playlist.
  • Other playlists work on xat, but the steps to set those up may differ from this article.
  • If you want a radio instead of playlists (radios play lots of music while playlists play from a list), see the Radio article.
  • Grooveshark is not affiliated with in any way.
  • If you're looking to add just one profile song, see ProfileSong article.