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This article shows things that need to be added to the wiki. Once handled may we remove the items from the list. All editors should regularly check this page.


New Powers page

All translators/Editors have permission to edit Powers2 Can we please add in a brief description of every power, no more then one sentence. Thanks --Cyan (talk) 21:08, 16 April 2014 (UTC)

Billing page

The billing page now needs a clean up - also needs what the user will be charged as to comply with standards. If someone has a handy list of them it would be useful.


Need to list every radio on that is clean. (No swearing) All of them then will be promoted more.


Can someone look over and then let me know if its OKAY for translating.

Submission By Pippe

Submission from maverick.

The xat chat requires a strip of pictures for an animated avatr/picture and does not support animated GIFs. You can, however, convert animated GIFs with this page. Put the Url of an animated GIF in the Url box. Download the picture to your PC and upload to your favorite photo site e.g. Photobucket.

^ Haha. ↓↓↓ Nice. ^_^

Correction: To use an animated avatar/picture you will need the <a href="">animate</a> power. Pictures that end with .GIF is not supported and will NOT work. Find an image that ends with .gif and place it into that provided box for you down below, click "Convert" and it will save/download to your computer. Upload the image to websites that are supported by xat e.g Photobucket, Tinypic or Imageshack.

NOTE: Even if you don't change the correction I made, there's a mistake on the page still. Take a look "avatr/picture", correct that to "avatar/picture". (;

Correction for

That grammar though.

Corrected by your beloved~ Mav ________________________________________________

Power updates:

You bad men -

This dude forgot all his periods.

The tongues smiley still has the hat code which has been removed for a week and a half week. Haha.

Information on how to remove it, edit the wiki page click the power to edit, find the line of the smiley and remove (hat#t) :) No need to thank me, just doing what I do. _________________________________________________ Direct page updates:

This part too: What am I removing? Confused face. You're removing the hat codes. ^_^

Gave up on this Flix page?? Damn man.

Hah. You want me to update the powers that are required and then send them back to you? Reply with a yes or no in here or a yes or no in the ticket that I will open and I'll do the updates for FREE. ;)

Springflix: Hat codes needs to be removed. This part - Limited pawns: Butterfly: (hat#hb) Springflower (hat#hf) Sunflower (hat#ho) ^_^ The Bitefx.

Limited pawns: bitefx: (hat#hb), biteapple: (hat#ha) and NOTE: Use REGHIDE/SUBHIDE if you are married/bffed and don`t get DUNCED/BADGED. These may affect those pawns

That all needs to be removed since the hat code is no longer up.

That cute cupcake power though:

Limited pawns: Cupcake (hat#hc) Cupcake2 (hat#hu)

This page:

Limited pawns: Spider1 (hat#ha), Spider2 (hat#hs)

Sorry if I ran out of comments. |-)


Why are the limited pawns still here after so long, damn. Well, I found what you should update. ^_^

Damn! The Kangel pawns are still up. Limited pawns: Kangel (hat#ha) Cloud (hat#hc) They no longer work, man. |-)

Pawns are still up, damn. Limited pawns: UsaFlag (hat#hf) UsaHat (hat#hh)

This page needs to be updated too: / For limited pawns see Hat Wiki. < Haha, the hat codes are no longer up. |-)

Samething for this page . . / For limited pawns see Hat Wiki. < Haha, the hat codes are no longer up.

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