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The xat wiki was designed so that users can receive the most pertinent information when it comes to questions regarding the xat chat. Here you will find tips, in depth explanations, and tutorials! You can also get live help by visiting the Help chat, open a thread on xat's Community Support, or if you are a paid user, open a ticket on xat Support Tickets.

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Click here to learn new updates and features that have been added to online xat chat rooms and groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

New to xat? No problem! Find frequently asked questions here.

User Guide

Basic functions on the xat chat box can be located here.

Owner/Moderator Guide

What permissions do owners and moderators have? What makes a good one? This guide teaches you more about the ranking based system on all chats.

xats Guide

Learn about the endless ways to spend your xats here.


To contact xat directly, you need to open a ticket. Learn more about how to do so here.

Powers Guide

Extra abilities and features of xat are available for purchase. Learn more about powers and how to use them here.


Make your holidays and special occasions memorable on xat by sending gifts in the form of a digital card.

Trading Guide

Do you have unwanted xats, days, or powers and looking to make a bargain? This guide will help you out and teach you the basics of trading and how to use the trade engine.

Applications Guide

Grid, Player, IM, Games, Doodle, Groups, Smilies, and Translate are applications found on tabs on the left of chat group pages. This guide will help teach you how to use them!

Profile Guide

A page solely dedicated to you! What might you fill it with? This guide shows you how you can make the most out of your xatspace!

xat Live Guide

Online events can be handled easier with this feature.


Unfortunately, there are users on xat who will try to deceive you into giving them important information related to your xat account so they can steal your xats/days/powers. This guide will teach you how to prevent being phished.

Account Protection

This feature of the login page prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your xat account.

xats Reserve

The xat Reserve system sets limits on your account which may affect transferring or trading. This can also protect your xats, days and powers from other people who might try to scam them from you.