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If you have xats, you can use them to buy kisses, marriages/bffs, promotion, previously registered groups, or powers. This guide explains what you can do with xats.


Buying xats

You can now buy xat money (xats) to purchase stuff in the chat box and subscriber time (days) to enable special features.


To buy xats you need to be registered (Click on your name and then the Register button). After you register, or if you're already registered, click your name, and click the "Get xats" button towards the bottom of the name card. Or, you can click the "Get xats" icon in the row of smileys above the text box. Ensure that the proper registered name and ID is displayed on the "Get xats" page.

Xat currently accepts several payment methods. You can purchase and redeem an Ultimate Game Card (UGC), available at many major retailers as well as online. Once you've purchased a UGC, return to the "Get xats" page and enter the code that appears on the back of the card. The xats and days added to your account will be calculated based on the value of the card. Buying xats through this method will not give you a reserve.


You can also purchase xats by using Paypal, or a credit card, by selecting the appropriate option from the "Get xats" page. You can also pay by UltimatePay, see the UltimatePay web site for more information. Paying through Paypal or a credit card will cause a reserve to be placed on your account, see the reserve article for more information.

Using xats


A kiss is a large smiley with a message, which appears over the entire chat box and is visible to all users (unless they have ignored you). To send a kiss, click on the magic eight ball in the line of smileys above the text box.


A kiss costs 25 xats to send. On the kiss dialog box, enter your message, as well as your account password, and click on the kiss you want to send. To see what a kiss looks like, don't put in your password yet, and click on a smiley. Only you will see this. For more information see the Kisses article.


Marriages and BFFs (Best Friends Forever) allow you pair up on xat. You can marry/BFF another user, and your icons and names will be next to each other, and a symbol will show you are paired. If you are Main owner and you are married, your partner will sit next to you even if they are a member or guest. You can marry/BFF anyone you want (as long as neither of you are already married) but remember, they can divorce you for free, so make sure the person you are marrying/BFFing wants to be married to you. To get married/BFFed, click on the person's name, and click the "Marry/Best Friend" button. Best Friends will be connected with a cross, while married pairs will be paired with a heart.


Divorces are free (2 divorces are included in the price of a marriage). To get divorced, click on someone else's name, and click the Divorce button. If you change your mind and want to remarry, it will cost another 200 xats, so make sure you're certain. You can get divorced publicly or you can go to a room with no one else on and do it privately. You can only have one wife!!! Note: To divorce, you can click on anyone's name, not just the person you are married/best friends with.

Married to.png Divorce.png


Want to bring more users to your group? There are two ways to promote your group.

Promoting a Group

You can use your xats to promote your group. This will put your group on the xat homepage. You must adhere to all promotion rules. If you do not abide by these rules, your promotion will end and your xats will not be refunded. To check prices, read the promotion rules, or purchase a promotion for your group, see Promotion.

You must be at least a member in order to promote a group (If you have just been made a member, you may need to wait a few minutes). The group you are trying to promote must be open to all users (not members only). Some groups can't be promoted, like lobby, help, etc. Groups can be promoted for anywhere from half an hour, to 6 hours at a time.

You can also attract users to your group by uploading a banner advertisement, which will be displayed to other xat users above or below their xat groups. Your banner must be appropriate, and should be 728x90 pixels. To get started, see Promotion.

Group transfer

You can use your xats to purchase groups that haven't been used by their owner in at least 3 months. The cost of a group transfer can range from 1,000-18,000 xats. It primarily depends on how common the name is. If the group has been visited by an owner recently, it probably won't be available for transfer. You can check prices, and availability here http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/TransferGroup.php

  • Don't worry, your group has to be ownerless for more than 3 months to be transferred


You can now purchase powers for use in the chat. Each power costs different amounts of xats (or sometimes days), and can be turned on or off. You need days to use them, however if you run out of days you will still have your powers when you buy some more. For more information on powers, and to buy some, check out http://xat.com/getpowers . Also, see the powers article for more details on powers.

Short names

You can now use your xats to buy a short registered name for your account (4-9 characters). The cost varies, typically 1,000-25,000 xats, but may be more for exceedingly popular or common term. An account can only have one short name at a time, and if you change your name you'll lose your old name. You can not transfer short names between accounts. A short name puts you higher on the visitors list. You can't use any words in a short name that you couldn't use in a normal registered name (For example xat, staff, or bad language). You can check prices, availability, and buy a short name at http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/BuyShortName.php .


Xats and days can be transferred to another user. To transfer to another user, click on their name, and click the "Transfer" button. Enter the amount of xats and/or days you want to transfer, enter your password and an optional message, and transfer. The xats/days will be removed from your account and given to the other user. There is a minimum of 10 xats or 1 day for a transfer, and this will be higher if the user has one or more [Mint] powers.

You can also trade xats, days, and powers with other users. For more information, see the Trading article.