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circus.png (CIRCUS) - Have a circus with your friends  
  • Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town. Get your ticket for the Cirque du xat.
  • Make custom animations with smiley accessory "acrobat", more below.


The circus power has a special smiley accessory (acrobat), which allows you to configure how the smiley moves and for what period of time.

How to customize acrobat

You can add attributes to customize acrobat, the list below defines each specific attribute.

  • r for run
  • f for forward flip
  • b for backward flip
  • t for turning around
  • F for forward flip feet apart
  • B for backward flip feet apart

After each f or b there must be 4 numbers that define their movement, otherwise the smiley won't work.

  • 1st number = time in seconds for the smiley to move
  • 2nd number = length of the jump
  • 3rd number = height of the jump
  • 4th number = number of spins

So (acrobat#f1391) would make an acrobat smiley that moves for 1 second, jumps 3 times the normal length, 9 times the normal height and makes 1 spin. More in-depth tutorial below.


Goal: Say you want the acrobat to do a high jump, forward flip, then backward flip.


Format: (acrobat#f1359b1945)

  • "#f" will tell the smiley to do a forward flip
  • "1" tells the smiley to activate for 1 second
  • "3" tells the smiley to go 3 times the length of the jump
  • "5" tells the smiley to go 5 times the height of the jump
  • "9" tells the smiley to spin around 9 times

Now let's add b1945 after #f1359

  • "b" part tells the smiley to do a backward flip
  • "1" tells the smiley to activate for 1 second
  • "9" tells the smiley to go 9 times the length
  • "4" tells the smiley to go 4 times the height
  • "5" tells the smiley to spin 5 times

Try it yourself.

More examples

  • (acrobat#f1111f1111b1111b1111tf1111f1111b1111b1111t)
  • (hello#acrobat#F1999B1999F1999tf1999b1999F1999)
  • (acrobat#f1990f1990F3990B1590)
  • (crazy#acrobat#f1099f1099f1099f1099f1099f1099f1990tb1099b1099b1099b1099b1099b1099b1099tf1099f1099f1099tb1099b1099b1099tf1099f1099f1099tb1099b1099b1099)

The possibilities are endless, be creative with your imagination!