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Countdown timer, shows time remaining until a specified event e.g. New Year. Mechanical and LED styles.

To set a countdown to a date(MMDDYY):

(count#d112011) use d for days until 112011 (11/20/11, November 20th, 2011)

(count#h112011) use h for hours

(count#m112011) use m for minutes

(count#s112011) use s for seconds

E.g. (count#d112011)days (count#h112011)h(count#m112011)m(count#s112011)s to Thanksgiving! (party)

To set countdown to a date and time (MMDDYYHHMMSS):

use: 112011600 for (11/20/11 16:00, November 20th 2011 6pm)

To use the alternative LED digital style (L):

(count#d1112011)days (count#h1112011)h(count#ml112011)m(count#sl112011)s to Thanksgiving! (party)

To set it to a fixed number (F):

(count#f42) use f to set a fixed number

To color the numbers you can add a color code after the time:

(count#f42#r) or (count#f42#00ff00)

Fade, Mirror, Invert effects can also be applied in the same way.

Note: The maximum duration is 100 days.

Note: Due to different timezones and computer clock settings, some people viewing the counter will see different durations.