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xat has a gifting system implemented that allows you to send presents to your friends on their birthdays, on other special occasions, or just for fun.

Sending a Gift

  • Click on the user you will be sending the gift to, and click "Gifts".
  • Select the type of gift you want to send, e.g. "Cards".
  • Enter a short message to appear on the front of the gift (optional).
  • Enter a longer message to appear on the flip side of the gift.
  • Enter your password and click the gift you want to send.

Viewing Gifts

  • To view your gifts, click your name and then Gifts, or type "gift" in the chat and click on it to bring up the interface.
  • To view someone else's gifts, click on their name and then Gifts.

Gift Application

If you click on your gifts in the gifting app, they will enlarge. Click again to see the message. Note you can also make them public or private.

Deleting Gifts

To delete a gift, view the reverse side of the gift and click the DELETE button - careful, this cannot be undone.


Note: Gifts are paid for in xats. Most gifts cost 100 xats, while cards cost 50 xats.


You can also include a message on your gift, which will be displayed to everyone, unless you mark the gift private.


Note: Gifts last forever, so choose your wording carefully!


  • If you have a gift you can use the (gifts) smiley, users can click it to view your gifts.
  • You can use the gift HAT pawn (hat#g).
  • You must be gifted first to use this hat code.


If you have suggestions for gifts let us know on