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The xat wiki is for users to get help and information with their chat box or group. You can also get live help by visiting the Help chat, open a thread on xat's Community Support, or if you are a paid user; open a ticket on xat Support Tickets. You may also find the answers you're looking for and ask questions on the forum.


What's new with the xat online chat rooms and groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this guide for the most frequently asked questions from users new to xat.

User Guide

This guide is for xat visitors and shows you all the basic functions of the chat box.

Owner/Moderator Guide

What can owners and moderators do? What makes a good one? This guide is for owners and moderators.

xats Guide

If you have xats you can use them to buy kisses, marriages, promotion, and previously registered groups. This guide explains what you can do with xats.

Subscriber Guide

If you have days you have access to special features such as glitter effects for your avatars. This guide covers what subscribers can do.

Powers Guide

You can use your xats / days to buy special powers and abilities for the xat chat. These abilities make you stand out from others that do not have xats / days. There are bonus features with powers you could receive. This guide will help you with powers.


Sending and receiving gifts.

Trading Guide

Sometimes you have extra xats, days, or powers you need to sell. This guide will show you how to use the xat trade engine for easier and safer trading.

Applications Guide

Grid, Player, IM, Games, Doodle, Groups, Smilies, and Translate are applications found on tabs on the left of chat group pages. That can be activated and used while chatting with your friends. This Guide will help you get started with applications.

xatspace Guide

xatspace is your page on xat, where you can put profile information, photos, widgets, music and videos. This guide will help you set up your xatspace.

xat Live Guide

xatLive is a special mode for xat boxes for online events.


Have you ever heard of anyone who has lost their xats, or had their account taken over? It's probably because they got "phished." This guide will help you avoid getting phished.

Account Protection

When xat Account Protection is activated the xat servers detect if someone else tries to login to your xat account.

xats Reserve

The xats Reserve sets limits as to how much you can give away. This can also protect your xats, days and powers from other people who might try to scam them from you.

xat Weekly Poll