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xat Account Protection

Account Protection is activated on all xat accounts, but can be disabled via the login page. When xat notices a login from a different location, you are required to login through a link sent to the email account that you used to create your xat account.

This system has been put in place to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your account. The special link changes every time you login, so you don't need to save it.

As an extended layer of protection, xat has integrated Google Authentication. Google Authenticator will generate random codes that will give you access to your account. See the Authentication article for more information.


  • Never use the same password for your email and your xat ID. It is recommended that you change your password every one to three months.
  • Never share the login links that xat emails you.
  • If someone offers you free xats or free promotion, they are probably a scammer.

5 days hold

If xat detects irregularities in your account and suspects Phishing on your account, you may be blocked from transferring and trading for 5 days. This allows you time to fix the problem and prevents phishers from transferring away your xats or days. This can not be deactivated and applies to all accounts.

Account Locking

If you only use your xat account at home, you can turn on account locking. This will make it a lot harder for unauthorized users to gain access to your account.

IMPORTANT: xat staff will never ask you to turn off account locking nor any other security feature. If anyone asks you to turn off account locking, they are trying to access your account and steal your xats/days/powers.

Note: If someone is claiming to be a xat staff, open a ticket.

If you moved locations or changed Internet Service Providers (ISP), you must turn off locking before you login on the new internet service provider.

You shouldn't rely 100% on Account Locking. You still need to protect your passwords, see: Phishing

How to enable/disable xat Account Locking

Login here, then click the drop down next to "xat account locking" and choose On (locked) to enable or Off (not locked) to disable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am held! What do I do?

There are several different types of transfer holds. View the list below to understand what each one means. Most account holds will require you to open a ticket.

  • 5-7 day hold (Phishing Protection): Change your password and your hold should decrease automatically. No further action should be necessary. If the problem persists, open a ticket.
  • 5 day hold (Continuous): Open a ticket explaining that you keep getting held repeatedly.
  • 7-14 day hold after getting your account unlocked: No action is needed. This is normal after getting your account unlocked.
  • Transfer held for funds to clear (any amount of days): Normally this is put into place for funds to clear. Open a ticket and ask about your hold.
  • System Problem 25: This normally happens as a result of breaking the Terms of Service. You can open a ticket to ask about the hold.
  • System Problem 55: Your account is held indefinitely. Open a ticket to ask for more information about the hold.

Q. What happens if I have account locking on and I try to login into another computer elsewhere?

You will be unable to login. Make sure to turn off account locking if you are planning to travel or move.

Q. What if I have a dynamic IP, can I still login with account locking enable? Will it adjust to my dynamic IP?

In some cases, account locking doesn’t work with dynamic IPs. It depends on how your dynamic IP is setup. It is not recommended to use account locking if you have a dynamic IP.

Q. I am locked out! Now what?

Go to and open a ticket with "Help Topic" set to "Locked Out". For a more detailed tutorial on how to do so, please see the Locked Out guide.

Q. If I have a laptop, can I always stay logged in?

Account Locking depends on where your location is. If you take your laptop or other device to another location and attempt to login to your account, you will be locked out.

Q. Why can't I turn on locking?

If you moved locations since you registered your xat account open a ticket and ask for a location update.