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*Must be less than 60,000 Bytes (60 Kilobytes)
*Must be less than 60KB ([<tvar|1>http://www.xat.com/xatio.exe</> xat's image optimizer] will help)

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You can advertise your chat on xat with a 728x90 banner.

Create a banner image, upload it to tinypic.com and go to the promotion page: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/promotion.php.

If it is the first time your banner has been used you will need to queue it for authorization which costs 50 xats. After approval you will be emailed and can start running ads for your group.

User ads are allotted 50% of ad space and will start running within one minute (may vary due to caching).

Rules for banner ads[edit]

  • Must be suitable for viewing by all ages
  • Ads must be of reasonable quality
  • Ads must be for a xat chat, not a website.
  • No external domains/links on the ad. Links to your chat are ok.
  • No use of copyrighted material without written permission
  • No use of xat logo or saturn style planet
  • It is ok to use xat smilies - but not (X), (ALLPOWERS) or any other smiley with the xat logo on it.
  • Do not say your chat is official
  • No selling xats, days, or powers
  • PNG and JPG preferred
  • Animations not allowed (for now)
  • No politics or religion
  • No swimwear or other types of revealing clothing