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animate.png (animate) - Imagen/Avatar animado

El power animate te permite utilizar imágenes animadas en xat. Como xat no soporta directamente imágenes de tipo GIF, el usar un avatar animado implica convertirlo en una tira de marcos de fotos (frames).

  1. Find an animated picture that you wish to use on xat. Convert the animated GIF to a picture of strips here.
  2. Once the converter successfully converts the animation to a strip of pictures, the strip image will be downloaded to your computer. This strip then needs to be uploaded to an image hosting website. We recommend cubeupload or TinyPic.
  3. After uploading the strip to an image hosting website, copy the image’s direct link. This link is what will be used on xat.

Solución de Problemas

If xat’s image converter downloads a file that does not open or a file that is zero bytes in size, then the animated avatar you chose was most likely too large.

  • Go to an online image editor like ezgif or Online Image Editor to resize the image.
  • Use the crop and resize tools to first crop the image to the part you want to keep, and then resize the image to a square. The recommended size is 80x80 px.
  • After cropping and resizing the image, you can try an alternate converter like varkor to obtain a strip of frames.
  • Once you have obtained the converted strip, continue with steps two and three above by uploading the strip to an image hosting website.

Si tienes una imagen animada con un fondo transparente, el convertidor de xat puede quitarlo y añadir un espacio en blanco. Si utilizas un convertidor alternativo como varkor, arreglará esto.