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Applying for Wiki Translator

Translations by percentage; 14 Aug 2016.

We are currently accepting applications for translators.

The graph shows what languages we are currently translating for and the status of each language. If the language is close to 100%, your chances of becoming a wiki translator are slim. If the language isn’t close to 100%, then you have a significantly greater chance at becoming a translator.

If you would like to apply for this position, please click here.

Help us translate the wiki part-time!

While waiting for your application to be reviewed or better your chances of becoming an official wiki translator, please use the following method for translating articles that have not yet been translated into your language:

First, navigate here and download the desired translatable article, by selecting it from the first drop-down menu. Then, select the language you're translating to from the second drop-down menu. Tick the box "Export for off-line translation" and hit "Fetch" (see example 1).

After you've downloaded the .po file, you can either download a program called Poedit, which is designed to edit these type of files or you can download a regular text editor called Notepad++, if you find it easier and more convenient.

  • Using the second method, simply insert your translation of text displayed after "msgid" between the quotation marks that are followed by "msgstr" (see example 2).

Feel free to submit your translations on We'll review your submission as soon as possible. If it has the quality we're looking for, we'll make sure to import your translation.

(example 1) Select an article you wish to translate and a language you're translating to.
(example 2) An example of the translation process using a simple text editor.


The users below have the ability to translate articles on xat wiki.

Username xat ID: Language:
Abbie ph.png Abbie (1008000) Tagalog
Aredhel th.png Aredhel (999985466) Thai
Beyonse ba.png nespokojna (1524303882) Bosnian
Elea fr.png ELEA (88432666) French
Ethan it.png Ethan (99758319) Italian
Felipe br.png Felipe (1209438033) Portuguese
Gims us.png Gims (11211) Arabic
Idima iDima (99078573) Arabic
Isk it.png Rig0 (338741515) Italian
Jine th.png Jine (8888888) Thai
Karennina rs.png AnnaKarennina (1479523299) Serbian
Kayzar Kayzar (1500899017) Spanish
Madison nl.png Madison (143143) Dutch
Mandy de.png MandyPieee (1506780533) German
Mareritt it.png Schweizerische (1508730958) Italian
Meow ro.png Lunala (1487645044) Romanian
Mighty hu.png MightyBrain1 (1497708246) Hungarian
Sevda tr.png Sevda (869659734) Turkish
Sush Sush (340110167) Polish
Voymo de.png Voymo (57755568) German
WaiZaDotCom th.png WaiZaDotCom (140236898) Thai
Friskeet pl.png Friskeet (854219473) Polish