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Events by xat.com on April Fools' Day.

2009 - Pink Pawns for members

All members had pink pawns - xat claimed that this would be permanent. Later on, Pink power was introduced.

2010 - Black pawn released!

The black pawn was released for 1 xat and only had one remaining, but when you bought it said it was a joke.

2011 - Chat box dropping!

When you typed "fool" the chat box began to fall down and go away, disappearing from the page.

2012 - IDs becoming 128 bit

xat stated IDs will become random 128 bit as they migrate to a new database. Example: 347854 would have become gT62102rpA10z655x.

2013 - Circle power

xat stated it would release Circle power. It would make your smileys turn into circles!

2014 - Cyan pawns for users!

All users had the Cyan pawn that only they could see. Celebrities everywhere! Or just.. to yourself?

2015 - Angel and Gold in store!

All users could see "1 remaining" in store for Gold/Angel. When they tried to buy it, it said **April Fool!**

2016 - Poop changed to Fools

xat started to release Poop, then the power turned into Fools.

2017 - Chat box sliding

Upon entering any chat, the chat box would slide to the right, nearly disappearing off the page. The (foclown) smiley from Foolsday would be shown in the background where the chat box usually is, with an "April Fool!" message.

2018 - xat watch revealed!

The xat watch was revealed in a forum announcement. Features included a personal digital assistant: Ellixa, a dual-core processor, and up to 42 hours battery time. The watch also came in three colors: white, black and light pink. It was available for pre-order, and had a price of $155.

2019 - Trade app removal

xat announced on Twitter that the trade app would be removed to promote the redesigned Store page.