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blackfriday.png (BLACKFRIDAY) - Fekete Péntek-téma smileyek LIMITÁLT

BlackFriday egy power ami képviseli a "Fekete Péntek" napot (a Hálaadás utáni nap) ahol kiskereskedők kínálnak promóciós értékesítéseket. A power tipikusan, bár nem mindig, használható, mint egy trükk a xat Fekete Péntek üzleteként.

Vonatkozó információk xat Fekete Péntek ajánlatok kerülnek felsorolásra.


In 2017, there was a 75% discount on chat promotions. 1000 Fitness powers were released for half price.


In 2016, to celebrate Black Friday, an offer was added to the "Buy xats and days" page which would allow you to claim a free power depending on which package you bought.

A few limited powers were released for a cheaper price in random intervals which were announced via xat's Twitter. Promotion was also available for 75% off.

How it worked

Users had to claim their free power on a special page after they bought a xats and days package.


In 2015, to celebrate Black Friday, there was a 50% discount on a power for a selected number of users on xat.

How it worked

Approximately 32,000 users were selected at random to get powers at half price.

xat's twitter sent out a new tweet every time more users were added into the selection.


  • BlackFriday power is usable on auctions.