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blackfriday.png (blackfriday) - Black Friday (Alışveriş günü) İfadeleri

  • İfadeler: (blackfriday) (bagfight) (bags) (bargain) (cart) (cashhere) (cashreg) (lowprice) (manybags) (pricetag)
  • This power also allows you to get 75% off a power.

Nasıl çalışıyor

Each time you buy BLACKFRIDAY power from the store you will be able to buy randomly selected power at 75% discount from trade prices. All unlimited powers will be available plus GOLD, BOOT, ANGEL, FADE and CLEAR. Will you be one of the lucky ones who gets GOLD for 12500 xats or BOOT for 2600 xats?


  • If you get the offer, you have six hours to buy the discounted LIMITED power.
  • If you purchase another BLACKFRIDAY before taking up the offer you will lose the previous offer.
  • You should expect that the trade price of BLACKFRIDAY will go down as a lot become available on trade.
  • DON'T buy more than one BLACKFRIDAY at a time as you only get the offer once per purchase.
  • BLACKFRIDAY will stop giving a chance to buy rares after the Black Friday week.
  • BLACKFRIDAY powers will be useable on auctions.
  • KANGEL power will go back on sale after event.