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A macro allows you to assign a message to an abbreviation, so you can send that message quickly using the abbreviation.


To set a macro you type: $rules=1. no spam 2. no flaming into the chatbox. This will create a macro named "rules." The message assigned to this macro is "1. no spam 2. no flaming."

After setting the macro, the help system will confirm by saying $rules=1. no spam 2. no flaming.

When the macro is set you can now just type: $rules into the chat box and it will be replaced with the rules you set above.

To change the rules macro you type: $rules=1. no spam 2. no flaming 3. no asking for mod.

Now whenever you type $rules into the chat box it will be replaced with your rules.

To delete a macro type: $rules=.

To view all macros you have set, type $=

Note that macro names are case sensitive, so using all lowercase letters for your macro names is recommended.


You can set macros for any purpose. E.g.

$fav=(d#r#loser#g) for easy use of custom smilies, now you just type: $fav $effect=g#bye to store an effect which you would use like this: (redface#$effect) $announce=Tonight at 7pm we will have a live radio show on the chat for a phrase you want to say often


Note: This is an experimental feature and macros are only stored on your local computer in your flash cookies (sol)

You might also want to see HelpMacros

No Lag[edit]

Macros can also be used to store certain xat chat settings. For example, if you experience lag, you can use these macros to disable features:


These macros will disable smiley animations, avatars, glitter effects, animated avatars, flix animation, gback power, and statuses, respectively. They can be combined.

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