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When a chat group does not follow the xat terms of service, the promotion rules while on promotion or the CSS guidelines, xat may add a block to it to stop the behavior from continuing.

Depromotion and temporary blocks[edit]

If a chat group breaks the promotion rules while on promotion, it will be removed from promotion without a refund and a temporary block will be placed on it which will stop it being promoted again. If a chat is continually pulled from promotion, it may have a permanent promotion block put in place.

Note: Recently created chat groups are automatically blocked from promotion for 7 days.

Delisting and media removal[edit]

If a chat group breaks the xat terms of service it could be delisted. This means that the group cannot be promoted and it will also be hidden from all pages on such as the search, featured, popular and supported pages.

If a chat group displays any inappropriate content, or if it breaks the CSS guidelines, it could have all media removed. This includes backgrounds, group powers and tabs below the chat.

What do I do if my chat has been blocked?[edit]

You must create a ticket under the "Chat Block" help topic to find out the reason as to why a block has been applied to your chat.