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codeban.png (CODEBAN) - Crack the code to get unbanned GROUP POWER

Codeban allows you to ban a user so that they are required to complete a code themed mini-game to become unbanned.

The objective of Codeban is for the banned user to select the correct order of smilies and strategically crack the code. The difficulty of the code you are required to crack depends on how long of a codeban you have received.

How to use Codeban

Click on the user you want to codeban, click "Ban", enter a duration and an optional reason, and press "codeBan".

Note: The maximum duration that you are able to codeban a user is 100 hours.

It is also possible to use the Rapid power to codeban users.

Example: $rapid=codeban,6 will codeban the user you rapid for 6 hours. Visit Rapid for more information.

How to play

In order to play, you must guess the correct smiley combination. You will have an unlimited amount of attempts and after each guess, it will display either a check mark, an x or a reverse sign.

  • A check mark means: correct smiley in the right spot
  • An x means: incorrect smiley in the wrong spot
  • A reverse sign means: correct smiley, but in the wrong spot

Once you've solved the smiley combination, you will be unbanned.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode allows you to view the progress of a user completing a codeban.

To use this mode, you need to assign the power to your group. When a user is codebanned, a brown square (with a codeban smiley) will appear in front of their name. If you click on it, an application will open on the left of the page, which will allow you to view their game.

Playing Codeban
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