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Bu makalenin Türkçe versiyonu için Tıklayınız (see this page in turkish version)

If you have multiple color powers you can combine them to create custom colors:

You can mix multiple colors, for example:

(smile#gb) red and green makes the smilie a cyan color.

You can have different amounts of each color, for example:

(smile#rrg) 2 parts red and 1 part green makes an orange color.

You can make the color lighter or darker, for example:

(smile#b+++) blue with 3 light makes a light blue.
(smile#b---) blue with 3 dark makes a dark blue.

Alternatively, you can use hex color codes, for example:

(smile#800080) - for purple

If you don't have the necessary color powers the chatbox will do the best it can to make the color requested.

You can find hex colour codes at xatAlert

Saving your color:

If you want all your smilies to be colored without having to type in the code every time use the /o command.
e.g. for red smiles type /or in the chat