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Contributors are users that have been selected to partake in the discussion of xat's future on the Community Forum.

  • This article was created to acknowledge Contributors for their contributions and ideas they share to help better xat as a whole.
  • Note that these users have no special indication in-chat, they are normal users.
Some users on this article may be both a Wiki Editor/Translator or Forum moderator and a Contributor.


Forum Name: xat ID:
Abrahan it.png Abrahan (1534445130)
Blacky es.png Blacky (691320709)
Bryan us.png Addict (99941393)
David us.png David (1008000)
DjCrazy de.png DjCrazy (444000444)
Elea fr.png Elea (1313)
HelperNate us.png HelperNate (21299)
Lemona ca.png Lemona (220341852)
Luana it.png Luana (77135841)
Manu es.png Manu (2400000)
Maverick Maverick (1070)
MisteR br.png MSTR (172762838)
Nathan us.png Nathan (1534333396)
Paul gb.png Paul (83735214)
Sergio es.png Sergio (187744205)
Sevda tr.png Sevda (190301)
SLOom fr.png SLOom (110110)
Stif br.png Stif (344107857)

How to Become a Contributor

There is no set guide on how to become a Contributor. Although, we can give you a few tips that may help.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Being active on the forum;
  • Having a strong, positive history with xat;
  • Not causing drama or looking for a reaction from users;
  • Looking to make a difference.