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The Cyan/Celebrity pawn is not a power, meaning you cannot purchase it and it cannot be traded. The Cyan pawn was designed and set aside as the official celebrity pawn for xat, serving as a verification system, much like on websites such as Twitter or Instagram. The pawn gives no extra functionality apart from the word "celebrity" appearing while hovering over their pawn.

How to get the Cyan pawn[edit]

If you believe you may be eligible to receive the celebrity pawn, create an account on xat and then submit a ticket stating who you are and why you should be given the pawn.

xat's verified celebrities[edit]

xat uses the Cyan pawn as a verified symbol

Canadian actress

Well-known YouTuber

Other information[edit]

The Cyan pawn was also used as an April Fools joke in 2014, showing only to yourself that you had the celebrity pawn.