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dood.png (DOOD) - Import images to doodle

This power allows you to import images into doodle. Load a doodle you have been working on before, load a background or load a picture to draw on. To import an image, post the url to the image (direct link for photobucket) into the chat box and press the new Load button on doodle.


  • All image hosts links should work as long as they are in acceptable formats, not all of them will.
  • Max dimensions are 1024 x 1024
  • Acceptable image types are jpg, png, and gif formats
  • Dood power comes with a dood hand for the hands powers,
  • Example codes for the dood powers being added to smilies (smile#dood#b#rockon#left#thumbsup#right), (d#dood), (yawn#dood)
  • Importing will not work if there is any extra text or smilies in the message the image link is sent in.