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doodlerace.png (DOODLERACE) - Create the best doodle GROUP POWER

DoodleRace is a Group Power, which allows you to compete with others by creating the best doodle. This article gives information on DoodleRace.


You don't need to have the power to play. You can find chats playing DoodleRace here: or go to If you need help others on the chat will help you.


  • To use the DoodleRace power, first get it from, then click Games at the left, then click DoodleRace. Type (doodlerace) in your chat and assign the power, and then click edit your chat and select extra features and activate the power by checking the box.

  • You can then use the !bot command to start the bot and then use the !start command so everyone begins drawing the word you selected. After drawing is finished, you will all be given the option to rate the user's doodles' 1-5 stars. The bot will send a message showing the top 3 people after rating is over, and the app will display your rank out of all users at the top.


The power is required to use any of the commands. You are required to be on the application to use the commands as well.

  • !bot lang The bot will start with the language you choose. Examples are: !bot en (english) !bot es (spanish) !bot pt (portuguese) !bot ro (romanian) !bot it (italian)
  • !help The bot will private message you with all the available commands.
  • !times play rate results e.g !times 60 30 30 This sets the drawing time, the time to rate the user's doodles and the time the results are shown. You can also change edit the default times by editing the power options in extra features.
  • !start word/category This command will start a game. e.g !start dog or !start people. You can also add words in a specific order, e.g !start cat,dog,pig
    • More complicated examples of !start are !start word1