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everypower.png (EVERYPOWER) - การใช้พาวทับทิม

Ruby pawn.

EveryPower is a feature that allows you to use the ruby pawn. To obtain EveryPower, you must purchase one of every power that xat has released, with the exception of Tickle. When it is enabled, the ruby pawn will show regardless of your rank or any other pawn powers that you may have enabled.

If you wish to disable EveryPower, type "/-everypower" into the chat, or disable it via your powers list.

Extra information

  • EveryPower is a feature, not a power. This means that it cannot be traded, and each power must be selected individually on the Trade application in order to trade it.
You should be extra careful while purchasing EveryPower to ensure you do not get scammed.
  • Unlike AllPowers, users are able to see if you have EveryPower when viewing your Powers list.
  • When you get EveryPower, you also get power ID "127". Currently, the use of this is unknown and it cannot be traded.
  • You are also able to use the Flashrank power with the Ruby pawn.