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xat allows you to connect your existing account with your Facebook account to allow fast logging in and to allow you to share your profile with xat users.

In order for xat.com to connect to your Facebook account, you need to grant permission to us to allow updates to be posted to your Facebook wall.

Login with Facebook

Login with Facebook

On the login page, there is a "Login with Facebook" option that allows you to log into your xat account by using your Facebook account.

If you are already registered, your xat account email MUST match your Facebook email if you want to use this option.

If you are not registered, logging in with Facebook will create a new account.

How to Connect Your Account

When you successfully login to your xat account you will see the option to connect your Facebook account:


To connect your account, click "Connect" and then you will be prompted in a new pop-up window in order to allow xat to connect to your Facebook account. (It will ask you to log into your Facebook account if you aren't already logged in on Facebook.com)

By doing this, you are granting permission for xat to post your latest updates from xat to your Facebook friends.

You can choose which updates you would like to be posted on Facebook from the following options:

  • When you join a chat
  • When you get married, BFF'd or divorced.
  • When you buy someone a gift
  • When you buy a chat group
  • When you buy a short-name
  • When you promote a chat group
  • When you are ranked on chat (promoted e.g. moderator to owner)
This option will only work if you are a moderator on the chat and get ranked from a moderator to a higher rank.
  • Use your Facebook photo and name

When you successfully connect your Facebook to your xat account, visit a chat and you will see this icon Facebook-fb-icon.png at the end of your name.

You can set these preferences as you wish. You can turn them on or off at anytime.

If you do not set the "Show homepage" option, people will not be able see your Facebook account by clicking on the Facebook icon by your name.

Make sure that xat is not going to spam your Facebook so not all of your updates are posted. You can prevent this by limiting which options you choose to post.

Post a User's Message to Facebook

If you have your Facebook account connected, when you visit a chat, all messages sent to the chat will have a small Facebook icon to the right of the user's message which will then allow you to most the message, who said it, and what chat it was said at to your Facebook wall.


To disconnect your Facebook account and stop xat updates on your wall, you have to successfully login to your xat account and then click "Disconnect" next to the Facebook button.

Note: After disconnecting your Facebook account, you may need to clear your cache so that the Facebook login is gone from the xat login page.