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Installing the app and adding a tab[edit]

  1. Login to your facebook page account
  2. Install the facebook app Static HTML: https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/
  3. On the next window, select your Facebook page and click on "Add Page Tab"
  4. Click on "Set up tab"
  5. On the set up page, add the embed code for the xat chat right into the index.html field (Note: You may change the chat size to width="728" height="486 in the embed code for having the standard xat chat size)
  6. Click at the blue "Save & Publish" button top right.

Change tab name and order[edit]

  1. Click on "Settings" top right at your facebook page
  2. Go on the tab "Templates and tabs"
  3. At the bottom find the "Welcome" tab and click on the Settings button next to it
  4. On the pop-up window add custom tab name such as "xat Chat", then click on "Save" and "OK".
  5. Lastly, to change the order, for example to move the tab to the very top, simply click at the tab field and drop it at the top
  6. Done! Your xat chat is now added to your Facebook page.
Installing Static HTML app
Installing Static HTML app