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Game Rules

xat Game is a chat for users to play games. You can compete to be the fastest in the race games or evade bans with the ban games. In this chat, you must abide by these rules (the general idea of the rule is put in bold).
1. All languages allowed! 
Although we are known and listed as an English chat, all languages are allowed. Click here for more information regarding this recent change.
2. Be respectful. 
Don't say anything that may offend someone, including "flaming" a person, group, race, chat etc.
3. Be appropriate. 
No sexual pictures, names, etc. No bad smiley combinations. No flirting. No swearing. No talk about drugs.
4. Don't advertise. 
Whether it be a site or chat that belongs to you, a friend, or anything else not "mainstream." Linking to Youtube or an image is fine (as long as the video/image is appropriate).
5. Don't impersonate. 
Don't impersonate xat staff, volunteers, or Game staff.
6. Don't request a higher rank. 
Asking for member/mod/owner is strictly forbidden. You must earn your position, you can find out how to do so here.
7. No begging. 
Begging for xats, days, or powers will not be tolerated. You can either purchase your xats, win prizes here or enter contests hosted on forums.
8. Don't spam. 
Smiley spam is over four smilies in a message, or over six in name. Flooding in normal conversation is allowed, however flooding with the intent of disrupting or spamming the chat in any form is not. You may add extra characters to a word as long as it doesn't take up space (abusing this is a bannable offense). Also DO NOT tickle spam (constantly clicking a user). Constantly erasing doodle is also a bannable offense.
9. Handle bans maturely. 
The staff of Game are volunteering their time to help out and keep the chat clean. If you have a genuine report for the main owner, you may submit one here (ALL messages are read).
10. Selling/trading. 
Selling in your status/homepage is allowed (xats/days/powers only), but advertising it in main chat isn't. You may trade in PC only however it is preferred you go to xat trade. Selling content from other websites is strictly prohibited.
11. No drama/disruption. 
Any form of disruption or drama will not be tolerated. This rule is left up to mods/owners discretion.
12. Don't troll. 
If you are found to be posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages here with the primary intent of provoking users into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, you will be banned.
13. Don't abuse caps. 
Overusing capital letters in many messages is not allowed.
14. Do not use a blank name. 
Users must be using a NAME at all times, this can cause confusion and disruption. This applies to users using smilies as their name.
15. Win 1, skip 1. 
In order to share the funds, when there are xats or days in the prizefund, you must sit out one game immediately following each game that you win.
16. Be patient. 
When prizefunds are available, we will rotate through all of the games, and when we do, we often take polls. Please do not constantly ask for the staff to change the game, because it disrupts and floods the chat.
17. Play fairly. 
Using "undefined" mode on Spacewar, ranking friends or other ID's high on Doodlerace, or any other form of cheating is strictly forbidden. When a scroll message alerting users that "Doodlerules" are being enforced is present, you must follow these rules; they can be found in full here.
18. Don't abuse the bot. 
The bot on our chat is for banning users and for games and gamebans. Repeatedly overusing unimportant commands is not allowed.
19. Obey the xat Terms of Service
Failure to do so will result in a ban. The major ones here are exposing personal information, abusing/teaching glitches, or phishing/scamming. Also do not discuss, link to, or mention private servers. Finally, betting or gambling with xats, days, or powers is not allowed.


  • Your behavior on other chats defines Game and how it is run. Game staff should be aware of this while present on other chats.
  • You must be active in order to retain your rank (this rule does not apply to volunteers). Activity is measured by Events power, so coming online and chatting won't be recorded.
  • If a staff member is breaking rules please take it under your own discretion whether to demote them. If you are unsure please contact an owner.
  • You may ban as long as your rank permits. Please do not ban for long times for measly reasons.
The owners, main owner, or xat staff may promote/demote you to any rank as necessary, for any reason, and possibly without any prior warning or notice.