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hat.png (HAT) - Add a hat to your pawn

Hat power offers the ability to place special items on your pawn. TO USE THESE, PUT THE CODE IN YOUR NAME. Case sensitive.

List of hats

  • Some hats can be colored. Simply add the code, e.g. hat#f#ffffff (where FFFFFF is the color hex code).
Requires: Name/Code: Pawn:
Hat FOOTBALL HELMET (hat#f) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23w1if%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat BASEBALL CAP (hat#t) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wit%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat TOPHAT (hat#a) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wip%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat BEER MUG (hat#b) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wib%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat RABBIT EARS (hat#r) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wir%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat WITCH HAT (hat#w) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wiw%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat GIFT HAT (hat#g) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23w2ig%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat EGG (hat#e) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wie%23000001)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat SANTA HAT (hat#x) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wix)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat UNCLE SAM HAT (hat#u) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23wiu)%23_30_30_c.png
Hat PARTY HAT (hat#p) gjCPfGj.png
  • Note: The SANTA, UNCLE SAM and PARTY hats cannot be colored.
  • Note: GIFT HAT can only be used if you have received at least one gift.

The following require specific powers besides hat:

Requires: Name/Code: Pawn:
Single BROKEN HEART (hat#z) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23frnt1%23w4096)%23_30_30_c.png
Allpowers GOLDEN EGG (hat#e) GetStrip5.php?c=s_(p1pwn%23hat2%23w1iei16776960)%23_30_30_c.png
Namewave NAMEWAVE1 (hat#hn) GetStrip5.php?c=S_p1Namewave1%23_30_30_c.png
Namewave NAMEWAVE2 (hat#hw) GetStrip5.php?c=S_p1Namewave2%23_30_30_c.png
Classic CLASSIC (hat#hc) GetStrip5.php?c=S_p1classic%23_30_30_c.png
  • Note: Broken Heart cannot be used if you are married or have a BFF.
  • Note: If you do not want to use the golden egg, you can toggle allpowers off.

List of limited hat codes

Below, you'll find a list of currently active pawns.

The first row of each preview includes the name of a power required for each individual pawn to function.