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link.png (LINK) - Define words which point to links GROEP POWER

Link is a group power that allows you to add custom links to your chat.

Hoe te gebruiken?

First, assign the link power to your chat. To do this, just type the (link) smiley in the main/private chat, click it and click "Assign".

Then hover over "group" at the top right, click "customize", enter the group password, go to the "group powers" tab and search for "link". Once you find it, you will see something like this:

Link Editing

From here, you will need to visit this website to generate your shortened links. Once you short a link, you will have a link that looks something like this:

Next, remove "" and copy the code that follows. In the box next to your already assigned link power, type the name of the link you wish to display followed by the code from your shortened link.

Example: link,18AmTPK

When adding multiple links, do not use spaces. Please note that there is a 1250 character limit when adding links, so choose wisely.

Example: link1,18AmTPK,link2,1YgPpxt

Note: All link names must be lowercase, or they will not function properly.

Detailed Example

If you wanted to link "help" in your chat, you would first visit this website to shorten

You would then navigate to the editing center for the link power and type "help,1fKpPeB"

If you wanted to also link "trade" in your chat, you would need to shorten

Then, you would need to type "help,1fKpPeb,trade,1hv2S3s"

Once you have created all of the links that you want, click on the “save” button.