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link.png (LINK) - Define words which point to links GROUP POWER

LINK is a GROUP Power that allows you to add custom link words to your chat. To add words assign the power to your group and then edit the words into the box eg: word1,14Xei0 . (14Xei0 is last part of the short link). Ex: help,1JTU1A (The word help would redirect to xat help). To add multiples just do for example word1,14Xei0,help,1JTU1A .

To get a short link click here and copy the code after the address (REMOVE FIRST)

Note there is currently a 500-character limit for the box to input links so choose wisely!

NOTE: Type your link names lowercase, example mychat NOT MyChat, or it won't work properly.

Detailed Example

Let's say you want to make your name link to your xatspace in your chat. First, get your xatspace link:

Then head over to and use the URL shortener feature. After you put in there, you will get a link that looks like:

See the Ns5Wyz part of the URL? That is what you will use for link. Then just type this in your LINK power box (on Edit your chat > extra features):


This will then make "bob" link to You can use any link that linkvalidator allows.

Let's say you also want to link to youtube. Just convert on in the same way. You will get the following URL:

Now the URL has 9b2Y3D in it. Add this to your original LINK power box:


After saving your changes, "bob" will link to the bob xatspace, and "youtube" will link to