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Frequently Asked Questions

New to xat? No problem! Find frequently asked questions here.

User Guide

Basic functions on the xat chat box can be located here.

Owner/Moderator Guide

What permissions do owners and moderators have? What makes a good one? This guide teaches you more about the ranking-based system on all chats.

xats Guide

Learn about the endless ways to spend your xats here.


To contact xat directly, you need to open a ticket. Learn more about how to do so here.

Powers Guide

Extra abilities and features of xat are available for purchase. Learn more about powers and how to use them here.


Make your holidays and special occasions memorable on xat by sending gifts in the form of a digital card.

xat Live Guide

Online events can be handled easier with this feature.

Trading Guide

Do you have unwanted xats, days, or powers? Are you looking to make a bargain? This guide will help you out and teach you the basics of trading and how to use the trade engine.

Applications Guide

Grid, Player, IM, Games, Doodle, Groups, Smilies, and Translate are applications found on tabs on the left of chat group pages. This guide will help teach you how to use them!

Profile Guide

A page solely dedicated to you! What might you fill it with? This guide shows you how you can make the most out of your xatspace!


Unfortunately, there are users on xat who will try to deceive you into giving them important information related to your xat account so they can steal your xats/days/powers. This guide will teach you how to prevent being phished.

Account Protection

This feature of the login page prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your xat account.

xats Reserve

The xat Reserve system sets limits on your account, which may affect transferring or trading. This can also protect your xats, days and powers from other people who might try to scam them from you.

Të Rejat e fundit
Posted by Andre; 16:02 - 20 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Manage CSV Editor has returned.
Posted by Angelo; 23:15 - 19 Jan 2017 (UTC)
First one to climb to the top of the Mountain gets xat's newest power!
Posted by Angelo; 06:51 - 14 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Bryan has been appointed as the manager for Trade.
Posted by Sydno; 10:01 - 13 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Welcome to Mighty, our first Hungarian translator.
Posted by Angelo; 22:11 - 12 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Isa has been appointed as the manager for Ayuda.
Posted by Crow; 18:17 - 12 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Running out of time? Convert your xats to days with the new X2D power. Kayzar has also joined our team of wiki translators.
Posted by Sydno; 22:13 - 6 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Welcome to Beyonse, our new Bosnian translator!
Posted by Angelo; 23:08 - 5 Jan 2017 (UTC)
Listen up! Keep your ears warm with the new limited Kaoears power! Also, xat_test is returning to the previous monthly main owner system. Stela has been appointed as the main owner for the month of January.
Posted by Daniel; 22:49 - 3 Jan 2017 (UTC)
I'd like to give a warm welcome to our newest editor to join the team: Angelo!
Posted by Crow; 15:44 - 30 Dec 2016 (UTC)
Customize your smilies with explosive new effects. The sky's the limit with Fireworksfx power.
Posted by Kyle; 12:46 - 25 Dec 2016 (UTC)
From the whole of the xat wiki team, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year!
Posted by Crow; 14:59 - 22 Dec 2016 (UTC)
'Twas the fight before Christmas. Prepare for Battle with xat's newest manga-style smiley power!
Posted by Arthur; 15:30 - 18 Dec 2016 (UTC)
Ziggs has joined the team of wiki translators.
Posted by Crow; 20:20 - 16 Dec 2016 (UTC)
Dazzle your friends with Sparklefx, xat's shiny new limited power!
Posted by Arthur; 14:53 - 13 Dec 2016 (UTC)
Get ready for the holiday season with a mixture of Christmas themed smilies with the latest power, Christmix. Crow has joined the team of wiki editors. Christmas pawns are now active, check them out here.
Posted by Sydno; 16:53 - 4 Dec 2016 (UTC)
Welcome to Karennina, our new Serbian translator!
Posted by Sydno; 18:19 - 3 Dec 2016 (UTC)
Is winter too cold? Let's celebrate christmas in the tropics this year! Tropicalxmas is the new power.
Posted by Daniel; 17:15 - 30 Nov 2016 (UTC)
We had a wonderful Black Friday weekend with xat's free power offer on the buy page and some limited powers being released, if you missed it catch up at: Black Friday, 2016. I'd also like to welcome our newest editor Arthur to the wiki team.
Posted by Daniel; 21:04 - 18 Nov 2016 (UTC)
Why do turkeys always say "gobble, gobble"? Because they never learned good table manners! Check out this weeks power: Gobble.
Posted by Bella; 13:41 - 13 Nov 2016 (UTC)
Let's travel to space Cadet! This week's new limited power is Cadet. From the whole wiki family, greetings and congratulations to Mike our new xat volunteer!
Posted by Daniel; 23:33 - 3 Nov 2016 (UTC)
Buy a ticket and jump on a roller coaster ride with this week's new Funfair power!
Posted by Andre; 13:26 - 1 Nov 2016 (UTC)
Salamandra14 has joined the team of wiki translators.
Posted by Sydno; 15:00 - 28 Oct 2016 (UTC)
Some deadly characters have woken up in the Graveyard! Check it out with Graveyard, the new limited power.
Posted by Sydno; 17:10 - 25 Oct 2016 (UTC)
Aren't you afraid by Halloween? Boo is the new limited power!
Posted by Andre; 09:03 - 15 Oct 2016 (UTC)
Still miss the old smilies? Here's your chance to go on a nostalgia trip - Classic brings back the previous style of smilies.
Posted by Bella; 15:55 - 7 Oct 2016 (UTC)
It's fall! Fall in love with this week's new limited power!
Posted by Daniel; 20:57 - 29 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Don't forget to purr-chase this week's Meow-nificent power!
Posted by Sydno; 07:23 - 27 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Welcome to Madison, our new Dutch translator!
Posted by Sydno; 20:53 - 23 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Let's add more space between us... Spacejinx is the new xat's latest limited power!
Posted by Bella; 15:57 - 16 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Happy 10th anniversary to xat chats! Over 500 pawns have been made available, 42 new free smilies have been added and to top it off, this week's power is a xat 10th anniversary themed power: Ten!
Posted by Bella; 21:41 - 9 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Something BIG has been released! Get your very own Elephant power!
Posted by Andre; 22:04 - 4 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Katie has joined the team as a Swedish translator.
Posted by Andre; 20:42 - 3 Sep 2016 (UTC)
Welcome Nour (ID1517781778), who'll be translating xat wiki into Arabic and Marek who'll be translating it into Polish.
Posted by Sydno; 07:29 - 1 Sep 2016 (UTC)
We are welcoming 2 new thai translators. Congratulations Aredhel and WaiZaDotCom and welcome to the wiki family!
Posted by Daniel; 18:36 - 26 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Buy your tickets and head down to the cinema, get ready for the Popcorns power!
Posted by Daniel; 23:17 - 26 Aug 2016 (UTC)
xat is going comical this week with Comics power. The next 5 smilies are user suggestions, post your suggestions here!
Posted by Bella; 20:39 - 26 Aug 2016 (UTC)
We are currently looking for new translators. Please help us translate wiki in your language. If you would like to join us as one of our translators, please submit your application here. We'll be looking forward to work with you.
Posted by Bella; 20:23 - 26 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Congratulations to Ethan for becoming a forum contributor! And finally Stah was been promoted to the wiki editor rank. Congratulations and welcome to the wiki family!
Posted by Bella; 22:33 - 23 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Congratulations to Mike on becoming a forum Contributor! We are also now welcoming Meow as new wiki translator. She'll be responsible for the Romanian wiki.
Posted by Sydno; 21:35 - 21 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Congratulations from all the wiki team to Steven, the new xat volunteer!
Posted by Bella; 10:38 - 19 Aug 2016 (UTC)
New kaoani xat's latest power this week with Kwolf!
Posted by Bella; 19:24 - 14 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Summer time with new xat's latest power Summerhug!
Posted by Sydno; 19:04 - 9 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Gims was added as a new wiki translator. He'll be responsible of the arabic wiki. Moreover chic also known as 6 was promoted to the editor rank! Congratulations to them!
Posted by Sydno; 16:43 - 6 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Thegge neggew peggowegger eggis Eggeggjegginx. Eggit eggis leggimeggitegged.
Posted by Sydno; 12:14 - 1 Aug 2016 (UTC)
Purple power was boosted this week! It now allows you to use new smilies and a special hug along with a limited hat.
Posted by Sydno; 13:57 - 22 Jul 2016 (UTC)
Here are the new anime smilies. Anime princess smilies are now available on xat with the xat's latest limited smiley power Aprincess.
Posted by Guinho; 13:35 - 14 Jul 2016 (UTC)
It's time for summer! Summerland is xat's latest smiley power.
Posted by Sydno; 11:56 - 12 Jul 2016 (UTC)
Welcome back to Ethan and congratulations to Luca! They are both our new italian translators.
Posted by Sydno; 16:39 - 8 Jul 2016 (UTC)
The new power is finally Nameflag. Use flags as your namecolor with this epic power.
Posted by Kyle; 14:31 - 6 Jul 2016 (UTC)
Welcome aboard to our two newest translators Maus, who will handle the Bosnian wiki, and Sergio who will handle the Spanish wiki!
Posted by Sydno; 18:40 - 2 Jul 2016 (UTC)
Welcome to the new German translator, Mercy!
Posted by Sydno; 13:02 - 1 Jul 2016 (UTC)
The new power is Nam... Oh, there are worms under the ground. Worm is xat's latest power.
Posted by Kyle; 10:44 - 23 Jun 2016 (UTC)
Don't forget to brush your teeth! Tooth is xat's latest power.
Posted by Cupim; 01:42 - 17 Jun 2016 (UTC)
Congratulations to the new xat Volunteers, Guinho and Muffins. Welcome to the team!
Posted by KyLe; 00:33 - 17 Jun 2016 (UTC)
Hangjinx is xat's latest power. When used, this power removes some letters and replaces some others with a hangman-like text.
Posted by Sydno; 14:37 - 12 Jun 2016 (UTC)
Welcome to Mario for joining the team of wiki translators. He'll be responsible for the Albanian wiki.
Posted by Kyle; 14:12 - 9 Jun 2016 (UTC)
Bëhuni elegant me fuqinë e re të xat-it Diva !
Posted by Kyle; 20:01 - 2 Jun 2016 (UTC)
Love anime? Animegirl is xat's latest smiley power!
Posted by Guinho; 23:17 - 28 May 2016 (UTC)
New items were added to the Paints power! (flower2, lemon, candy and bear). Try them out!
Posted by Sydno; 19:04 - 26 May 2016 (UTC)
Get off your computer and help your family do the Chores! Chores is xat's latest power coming limited with smilies.
Posted by Sydno; 21:05 - 20 May 2016 (UTC)
A new epic power is coming out. Namewave is xat's latest power. You can now add wave effects to your Namegrad!
Posted by Sydno; 07:52 - 14 May 2016 (UTC)
Isn't it cute to rest on a tree like a Koala? Koala is xat's latest power coming limited with smilies. Mom also became limited.
Posted by Sydno; 07:25 - 6 May 2016 (UTC)
Don't forget to wish a happy Mother's day to your Mom with xat's latest power. Mom is a smiley power and a hug power.
Posted by Sydno; 14:12 - 2 May 2016 (UTC)
Jayden and Nick are the new (old) volunteers! Congratulations to them and welcome back to the volunteers team!
Posted by Sydno; 18:54 - 28 Apr 2016 (UTC)
Jinx your friends with xat's latest power. With Jumblejinx you can send a hug to your friends to make them talk gibberish.
Posted by Sydno; 18:48 - 22 Apr 2016 (UTC)
Welcome to Biondi for joining the team of wiki translators! He'll be responsible for the Albanian wiki.
Posted by Ioana; 14:53 - 21 Apr 2016 (UTC)
Let's celebrate Earth Day together with xat's latest smiley power!
Posted by Sydno; 16:33 - 15 Apr 2016 (UTC)
Try not to cry while peeling onions! Onion is xat's latest power.
Posted by Ioana; 20:30 - 7 Apr 2016 (UTC)
This year, xat is celebrating the Thai New Year with a new power! Check out our article in order to see what smilies and hugs this power has to offer!
Posted by Sydno; 11:29 - 02 Apr 2016 (UTC)
Poop power has become a smiley of limited smiley power Fools. April Fools!
Posted by Guinho; 21:18 - 28 Mar 2016 (UTC)
Trade feature has been updated to version 3.95 and new options to trade were also implemented. One of these was the search functionality. Learn more about it here.
Posted by Guinho; 18:33 - 25 Mar 2016 (UTC)
Celebrate Easter with xat's latest power. Easterland includes a lot of fun smilies, FX and a "hug" message.
Posted by Andre; 19:47 - 20 Mar 2016 (UTC)
You no longer have to be a wiki translator to submit translations. Learn more about it and submit your translations here. This feature may also be used to improve existing translations.
Posted by Guinho; 13:03 - 19 Mar 2016 (UTC)
A new member has joined the team - Giia is the latest xat wiki translator. She'll be responsible for the Romanian wiki.
Posted by Elie; 12:28 - 19 Mar 2016 (UTC)
Prepare for Easter with the newest power, Ebunny! Visit the article to see what adorable smilies, hug, and pawns this power has to offer.
Posted by Guinho; 11:45 - 14 Mar 2016 (UTC)
Celebrate St Patrick's day with xat's latest power. Patrick also includes a "hug" message. Take a glance at the article to see what specific smilies and pawns it has to offer.
Posted by Andre; 15:36 - 4 Mar 2016 (UTC)
The latest power enables you to add gradient effects to your display name. Namegrad requires Namecolor, Nameglow and color powers to function.
Posted by Guinho; 01:38 - 4 Mar 2016 (UTC)
A new member has joined the team - Hayley is the latest xat wiki editor. Thank you for your efforts and welcome to the crew!
Posted by Guinho; 21:38 - 2 Mar 2016 (UTC)
Let's give a warm welcome to our latest xat wiki translator Choco - She'll be responsible for the Romanian wiki.
Posted by Guinho; 11:59 - 27 Feb 2016 (UTC)
It's time to give a warm welcome to our latest editors - Kyle who just recently joined the team and Isa who was recently promoted to editor. We wish you both good luck and thank you for your dedication and loyalty to xat wiki.
Posted by Andre; 22:16 - 25 Feb 2016 (UTC)
It matters what's on the inside, this applies especially for the theme of this week's power. Mining themed smilies were released last week, check it out what kind of tools and machinery they use down at the mines.
Posted by Andre; 18:42 - 16 Feb 2016 (UTC)
Noticed a mistake on xat wiki, wish to improve on an article or create an article of your own? Then send us your edit request!
Posted by Andre; 17:18 - 13 Feb 2016 (UTC)
To celebrate Valentine's Day we have another hug power for sale. Check out the wiki article to learn about what it has to offer.
Posted by Guinho; 12:47 - 13 Feb 2016 (UTC)
It's time to welcome the new member of our team. Isk is the new Italian xat wiki translator. Best luck to him and welcome to the crew!
Posted by Andre; 09:44 - 8 Feb 2016 (UTC)
Interested in becoming an official xat wiki translator? Submit your application here!
Posted by Andre; 10:41 - 5 Feb 2016 (UTC)
This week we have a rather unique themed smiley power, where Valentine's themed smilies have been made based on the sets of about a dozen of existing smiley powers.
Posted by Guinho; 01:22 - 28 Jan 2016 (UTC)
Andre and Elie were chosen as new Volunteers. Congratulations to them and good luck!
Posted by Andre; 21:24 - 26 Jan 2016 (UTC)
Take a look here to preview the set of smilies and pawns they've painted for you this week. Ryan has been appointed to moderate all subforums on xat forum. xBots is discontinuing their service as a bot provider.
Posted by Andre; 19:30 - 21 Jan 2016 (UTC)
xat has served us 12 bowls of rice this week: check out the latest smiley power here. In other news, Maverick has been appointed to manage Trade chat. Best of luck to him and his crew.
Posted by Andre; 10:07 - 15 Jan 2016 (UTC)
The latest power gives us a selection of electricity themed smilies to choose from. Take a glance at the article to see what specific smilies and pawns it has to offer.
Posted by Cyan; 16:25 - 13 Jan 2016 (UTC)
We have recently updated our servers for xat chats to improve efficiency and reliability. If you encounter any weird bugs or issues, please report them on the forums
Posted by Andre; 12:57 - 9 Jan 2016 (UTC)
We have an article on a soon to be released power - Masks. Check it out.
Posted by Cyan; 01:57 - 2 Jan 2016 (UTC)
New Year celebrations have been celebrated for over 4000 years, and now it is time to welcome 2016 into our arms! Why not tweet and follow us on our twitter @xat letting us know how you celebrated the New Year's Eve!
Posted by Andre; 11:25 - 31 Dec 2015 (UTC)
Let's give a warm welcome to our latest translator - Bella, who just recently joined the team and has already spent many hours on translating articles. She'll be responsible for Danish & Tagalog wikis, concentrating on the latter first.
Posted by Andre; 00:15 - 29 Dec 2015 (UTC)
A new hug power has been released to a few people for testing - Fireworkshug. With it is introduced a new feature of changing the colour of hug's message.
Posted by Guinho; 19:18 - 27 Dec 2015 (UTC)
It's time to welcome back a former member of our team! Henrique (Henx) is back as xat wiki translator. Congratulations and good luck to him!
Posted by Andre; 06:30 - 24 Dec 2015 (UTC)
A Christmas themed smiley power, Ornaments, has been released for testing. Sevda has been appointed to manage official chat groups Yardim and Sohbet, Exit has officially taken over the management of Troca.
Posted by Andre; 23:32 - 18 Dec 2015 (UTC)
Yet another hug power is soon to be released, read more about it here.
Posted by Andre; 23:05 - 10 Dec 2015 (UTC)
We have an article on the latest power - Choirhug. With it is introduced a new power type - "hug". Which enables posting animations with scrolling text on chatrooms that fill the screen on full width and fixed height.
Posted by Cyan; 23:01 - 9 Dec 2015 (UTC)
Hello xatters! It's coming up to Christmas and we are all very excited for what the new year may bring. So why not join us in the dedicated Christmas chatroom for some fun and games!
Posted by Andre; 20:56 - 9 Dec 2015 (UTC)
Here, latest xat/wiki related news will be posted. For archived news, see here.
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