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manage.png (MANAGE) - Manage group users GROUP POWER

Manage is a group power that allows you to manage users on your chat.

When it is assigned, you have the ability to save and restore ranks on your chat.

Backup users

To backup your chat's CSV, click on Edit under your chat, enter your group's password and click Backup Users.

If you're looking for regular automated backups, then see: Backup.

(example 1) Button layout.


Your xat group backup is saved in an .xatu file; this includes all your staff (members, mods, owners, main owners), guests and banned users.

To edit your xatu file, right click and open with Notepad. Make sure to keep ".xatu" format otherwise it will not work.

Entries are using the following format: User ID,Reserved,Time,Power ID,Reserved,Rank,Forever Ban,Ban Status,Mod History,Dunce/Badge/Naughtystep/Yellowcard,

  • User ID
  • Reserved - Ignore this, but do not remove it otherwise you will break the CSV. Leave it blank.
  • Time - You can convert, alter, make longer or reduce ban time for example. See below for information on how to get the time code.
  • Power ID - Možete urediti u slučaju da želite da gameban korisnika. Na primer, podesite na 134 za snakeban i postavite korisnika kao banned. U suprotnom ga ostavite kao 0.
  • Reserved - Ignore this again, but do not remove it otherwise you will break the CSV. Just set it to 0.
  • Rank - Allowed values: guest, tempmember, member, tempmod, mod, sinbin, tempowner, owner and main owner.
  • Forever Ban - Either leave blank or set as forever to forever ban a user. Allowed values: blank, forever.
  • Ban Status - Allowed values: blank, banned, gagged, muted.
  • Mod History - Allowed values: blank, wasmod.
  • Dunce/Badge/Naughtystep/Yellowcard - Allowed values: blank, dunced, badge, naughty, yellow, red.

Example of 4 xatu lines:

  • 1461971482,,1414172247,0,2,guest,,,,,
  • 1462485906,,1414172247,0,2,guest,,,,,
  • 1472039264,,1414756425,0,4608,guest,,gagged,,dunced,
  • 1473774400,,1414621683,0,130,guest,forever,,,,

Note:Ostavljanje vrednosti prazan znači da ga izostaviti iz CSV. Međutim, morate uvek staviti zareze između gde je ta vrednost trebalo da bude.

For example, if you want to create a 1 hour snakebanned guest with ID number 1111 that has no mod history and dunce/badge/naughtystep/yellowcard, the line would be:


See below for information on converting times. The one used in the example above (1414867082) will not apply in the future as the system checks the current time against the time code you put in. So if you want a 1 hour ban, you set the current time code higher by an hour and use that.

U slučaju ban vreme čin je kada će se završiti. Na taj način možete ručno zabraniti korisnika i izabrati kada će se završiti (izmenom korisničkog xat-u liniju sa notepad).

CSV Editor

CSV Editor is a tool used to conveniently create and edit .xatu files.

Restore users

(example 2) Restoring ranks.

To restore your chat (staff, banned statuses etc) you need your .xatu file. Enter your group page, click on "Edit" and choose the file to restore from. After that click on Restore Users button (see example 1).

Use kickall power to update the chat in case you put a new xatu. A single ID can sign out and in (refresh) and its rank or any other changes made will be updated.

Note: There is a file size limit of 256 kilobytes. This means that you will be unable to restore your file if it surpasses that limit.


(example 3) Time converter.

Idite na zatim unesite 2. deo brojeva1414172247 (videti primer 3).