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|power=me|heading= Laiendatud CSS-i kasutus profiilidele
|power=me|heading= Laiendatud CSS-i kasutus profiilidele
|info= [[File:me-example2.png|thumb|275px|right|('''example 1''') Enabling advanced mode.]]
|info= [[File:me-example2.png|thumb|275px|right|('''näide 1''') Võime lubamine.]]
The ME power:
The ME power:

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me.png (ME) - Laiendatud CSS-i kasutus profiilidele

(näide 1) Võime lubamine.

The ME power:

  • enables you to fully customize your xat.me profile with almost no xat branding, by replacing everything with a small xat planet in the bottom left corner and a popup menu.
  • expands CSS space to 10240 bytes.

To enable the above features, check "Advanced mode", while editing your xat.me profile (see example 1).

(example 2) xat menu.


Please don't change the xat menu in any way (see example 2), doing so will count as breaking the terms and your account could be deleted.


xat may add advertising

xat may increase the capabilities of the basic xat.me page


  • whitelist characters like > and ; to allow more advanced selectors and multiple css declarations under one element.