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mod8.png (MOD8) - Moderator ban 8 hours

  • Mod8 power allows you to ban for up to 2 hours longer than normal on chats that you are a moderator on.
  • This power does not work if you are an owner. For example, if the maximum ban time for an owner and a moderator is 24 on a certain chat, the owner with mod8 would not be able to ban for 26 hours while the moderator with mod8 would.
  • This power was created before gcontrol where moderators were only able to ban for up to 6 hours, hence it is called "mod8."
  • This power will not stack with multiple mod8 powers, but it will stack with one gcontrol power. If you have both this power and gcontrol, you can ban for up to 4 hours longer than normal.