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namecolor.png (NAMECOLOR) - Culoare personalizată pentru numele dumneavoastră EPIC

Namecolor allows you to color the text of your display name, as opposed to coloring around your display name with the Nameglow power.

Codul pentru Namecolor merge în interiorul numelui dumneavoastră afişat iar formatul merge aşa: (glow#NameglowCode#NamecolorCode)

You are able to color just the text of your name, and have no glow on it. To do this, put (glow#0#R) for example, to make your name red with no glow.

Aici aveti cateva exemple:

  • Namecolor mov fara stralucire: (glow#0#80080)
  • Namecolor alb cu stralucire neagra: (glow#000001#FFFFFF)
  • Namecolor rosu cu stralucire neagra: (glow#000001#FF0000)

You can also click here for a Namecolor code generator.

Important note: The Nameglow power is required to use Namecolor, as well as the color powers Red, Light, Blue and/or Green to color them.