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|status= Épico
|status= Épico
Use flags as your namecolor.
Usa banderas como namecolor.
'''Note:''' '''[[Namecolor]]''' and '''[[Nameglow]]''' are required for Nameflag to function.
'''Note:''' '''[[Namecolor]]''' and '''[[Nameglow]]''' are required for Nameflag to function.

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nameflag.png (NAMEFLAG) - Flag Namecolor ÉPICO

Usa banderas como namecolor.

Note: Namecolor and Nameglow are required for Nameflag to function.


Add (glow#000001#flag#xx) to your name. Replace xx with the two letter country code for your country from here: http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/ctycodes.htm

This will turn your namecolor into the selected flag and make it rotate.


To change the directionality (to something different from rotating) add one of the following to your code:

#r - Rotate

#e - Rotate with expansion

#d - Counter clockwise

#cx - Growthcycle rate (replace x with 1, 3, or 4)

#gx - Growth rate (replace x with 1, 3, or 4)

#fx - Speed (replace x with 1, 3, or 4)

#u - Up to down (cannot be combined with any code other than the one for speed)

Note: All of these can be combined unless specified.

Special Cases

These flags do not have a two-letter code, so you can use the full name:

  • aland
  • basque
  • catalonia
  • dpr
  • guernsey
  • isleofman
  • jersey
  • nfl
  • redcross
  • scotland
  • wales


(glow#1D4876#flag#so#f3#g3) Somalian flag with growth rate and speed of 3 and dark blue glow.
(glow#0B4C5F#flag#au#u) Australian flag going up and down and dark cyan glow.
(glow#010101#flag#br#d#g2) Brazilian flag with counter clockwise, growth rate of 2 and black glow.
(glow#0#flag#gb#u#f3) United Kingdom flag with a speed of 3 and no glow.
(glow#0#flag#nfl) National Football League flag with no glow.

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