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m (→‎top: replaced: {{img|scalable=no|image=https://util.xat.com/wiki/images/5/52/Nofollow1.png|description=<translate><!--T:7--> User with NoFollow enabled.</translate>}} → [[File:Nofollow1.png|thumb|<translate><!--T:7--> User with NoFollow enabled.<...)
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|info= {{img|scalable=no|image=https://util.xat.com/wiki/images/5/52/Nofollow1.png|description=<translate><!--T:7-->
|info= [[File:Nofollow1.png|thumb|<translate><!--T:7--> User with NoFollow enabled.</translate>]]<translate>
User with NoFollow enabled.</translate>}}<translate>

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nofollow.png (NOFOLLOW) - Friends can't follow you
User with NoFollow enabled.

The NoFollow power blocks users from seeing what chat group you are currently chatting at.

Normally your friends that you have added are able to see what chat you're at, unless you have the NoFollow power.

Note: When a user clicks you, they will be unable to load your nickname and avatar unless they click you again.