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Owners can sometimes face trouble when managing a chat. This guide is here to help everyone from the inexperienced to the experienced owner make the best out of their chat group.

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How do I get more people on my chat box?

  • Tell your friends or people on other chat groups about your xat chat. The more users you get on your chat box, the higher it will be listed on the popular page, located on the second tab of http://xat.com which subsequently will attract more users.
  • Make sure your moderators are friendly and helpful.
  • Get a good background, some can be found on http://photobucket.com or http://imgur.com (inappropriate backgrounds will lead to your chat becoming de-listed).
  • Make your group about a special topic that you are passionate about.
  • Try to get another group to put your group on their group tab.
  • Make friends on other groups and invite them to your chat.
  • Put your chat on a website or social media page.
  • Customize your chat with group powers such as Gline, Rankpool, Gscol etc.
  • Add a bot to your chat.
  • Choose good tags for your group so that it can be found on search engines.
  • Add a radio to your chat.
  • Promote your group, which will cause it to appear on the xat homepage. This attracts users to your chat group, as it will be broadcasted on the homepage of xat and on the xat mobile apps. You can promote your group by going to Promotion. Promotion costs 200 xats per hour of promotion. The minimum promotion time is 0.5 hours (30 minutes). For more information, see Promotion.

How do I delete a message?

Only moderators, owners and main owners are able to delete messages that were sent on a chatbox. If someone has left a message that you would like to delete, all you have to do is sign out, sign back in and then you will be able to see a red "x" next to the message. Press the red "x" and the message will be deleted. Be aware that abusing this feature is not advised.

Moderator / Owner Interact Dialog

Moderators and owners have some additional options on their interaction dialogs.


Moderators and owners can kick members and guests (or moderators and owners if they have higher rank and superkick power) out of their chat group by selecting them, clicking the "Kick" button and entering the reason for the kick (a reason is required). An information message is sent out to everyone that states who kicked the user, which user got kicked, and the reason for the kick. The user that was kicked is automatically signed out and will be unable to chat for 15 seconds, though they can sign in before then. After 15 seconds the user may carry on chatting. Kicks are meant to serve as a warning for inappropriate behaviour in the group. Moderators and Owners can also use special powers to kick people:

  • Boot power allows moderators and owners to transfer users to other chats. To boot someone, open up the kick panel and insert a reason and chat group to boot the user to and then click "Boot" instead of "Kick". More information can be found on the Boot wiki page.

Warning: Do not abuse this or the power will be removed from your account.

  • Zap power allows moderators and owners to kick using an audie by adding an audie code to the reason, and then clicking Zap instead of kick. For example, "Inappropriate#burp". If no audie is provided, #raspberry will automatically be sent along with the kick. More information can be found on the Zap wiki page.
  • Dunce power allows moderators and owners to add a dunce hat to a users' pawn. To Dunce, go to the kick option, then click Dunce instead of kick. More information can be found on the Dunce wiki page.
  • Naughtystep power allows moderators and owners to limit users' messages to 1 message each 30 seconds in main pool. To Naughtystep, click the kick option and click Naughty instead of kick. More information can be found on the Naughtystep wiki page.
  • Yellowcard power allows moderators and owners to add a yellow card icon to the users' pawn. To Yellowcard, click the kick option and click Yellow instead of kick. More information can be found on the Yellowcard wiki page.

It’s undesirable to be kicked, particularly again and again. Therefore, it is recommended that you should only kick people when it’s deserved and not just for fun. You should always provide a reason when kicking a user so that everyone knows why what the user did was unacceptable.


Moderators and owners can ban people from using their chat box by selecting them and clicking the ban button. You enter duration in hours (decimals are acceptable: 0.5 hours = a 30 minutes ban and .05 hours = 3 minutes) and the reason for the ban. An information message is sent out to everyone that states who banned the user, who received the ban, and the reason for the ban. Reasons aren’t required for bans, but are highly recommended. The person that was banned will receive a brown pawn color and their name will change to "Banned." They will still be able to view the messages being sent (unless they're banished) but will be unable to send messages or otherwise disrupt the chat. If the chat has banish assigned, users banned for longer than an hour will have "Banished" as their name. They won't be able to see any messages and they won't be able to see guests or members on the user list. Banned/Banished users can still private chat people who have added them as a friend.

By default the maximum ban time for moderators is 6 hours, which can be increased to 8 by having Gcontrol or Mod8 powers or to 10 by having both of them. By default, an owner can ban for any length of time up to forever (entering 0 in the hours field leads to a forever ban). You can unban someone by selecting them and clicking unban. Moderators can unban any banned person unless that person is banned forever (unless Gcontrol is set otherwise), or the person that is banned is a higher rank. Moderators and owners can also use special powers to ban people:

  • Gag power allows moderators and owners to gag users up to 1 hour. The user will be able to see the chat but they will be signed out if they try to send a message in the main chat. To Gag, click ban and click Gag instead of ban. More information can be found on the Gag wiki page.
  • Mute power allows owners to mute users up to 1 hour. The user won't know that they were banned, but a ban message will be issued for everyone else that is a member or higher in rank. To Mute, click the ban option and click Mute instead of ban. More information can be found on the Mute wiki page.
  • Reverse power allows moderators and owners to reverse ban users. This will make the banned user say everything backwards until they get unbanned. To Reverseban, click the ban option, and click Reverseban instead of ban. More information can be found on the Reverse wiki page.
  • Zip power allows moderators and owners to zip ban users. This will make all the banned user's messages blank both in main and private chat and they will only be able to use smilies. To Zipban, click the ban option and click Zipban instead of ban. More information can be found on the Zip wiki page.
  • Redcard power allows owners to red card users. If a Redcarded user speaks in the main chat before their Redcard time is finished, they will get banned for 6 (by default) times the time left of their Redcard. A Redcarded user will have a Redcard icon displayed on their pawn. To Redcard, use ban procedures and click Redcard instead of ban. More information can be found on the Redcard wiki page.
  • Codeban, Spaceban, Matchban, Snakeban, Mazeban and Slotban allow moderators and owners to ban with gamebans. This requires a user to complete a mini game to be unbanned. For these, use ban procedures and click on one of the gamebans instead of ban. For more information, see the respective wiki pages for each type of gameban.

It’s undesirable to be banned, particularly without a warning or for no reason, so it is recommended that you should only ban people when it’s deserved and not just for fun.

Make Member

Moderators and Owners can promote guests to the rank of Member by selecting them and clicking the “Make Member” button. You can make anyone you'd like a member but we advise that you only make your friends and frequent visitors members.

The difference between being a guest and being a member is that members have a blue pawn, are higher than guests on the user list, and can post links in the chat.

If a guest posts a link, it will only be visible on their screen; this prevents the guest from disrupting the chat with advertisements. Since members can post links, it is recommended to not make new users members or you risk them taking the opportunity to advertise their chat or website in your chat box. The advertised links can be annoying to your users and the chatters may move to the advertised chat group and out of yours.

Please keep in mind that being un-membered, particularly over and over again, is annoying. If moderators are disagreeing with who should be a member, have them talk it over with an owner or main owner.

Make Moderator

Owners can make members or guests moderators by clicking on their name and clicking "Make Moderator." Moderators have the power to kick, ban (up to 6 hours by default, and up to 10 hours depending on which powers they have, +2 hours with Mod8, and +2 hours with Gcontrol, and unban (moderators can not unban users that were banned forever by an owner) members and guests. They can also make guests members, and make members guests.

You should be very careful who you make a moderator and it should only be people that you trust. It is not uncommon for moderators to misbehave and abuse their power while the owner(s) are offline. This can ruin a chat box for users and you may come back and find nobody wants to go on your chat box anymore.

Make Owner

Main owners can make guests, members, and moderators owners by clicking on their name and clicking "Make Owner." Owners have the power to kick, ban (for as long as they want, even forever), unban (even forever banned users) guests, members, and moderators. Owners can make guests, and members moderators, and make moderators members or guests (They can of course make guests members, and members guests like moderators can).

You should be even more careful who you make an owner, and it should only be people you trust undoubtedly. Owners have even more power to ruin a chat than moderators, such as making bad moderators, demoting good moderators, and forever banning everyone who isn't an owner.

Note: The main owner of the chat can use gcontrol power to modify default settings for maximum ban lengths for moderators and owners, their ability to unban, kick, make members and moderators.

/ Commands

xat has support for special commands / messages that allow you to do advanced things that are not in the graphical user interface.

/p Protect your group from raids

If your chat is being raided, an owner can enter protect mode by typing "/p" in the main chat. For 1 hour, new unregistered users will have to solve a captcha to join the chat. You can turn off protect mode by typing /p again. Note: There is a 15 second delay after you toggle protect mode on or off and when you may toggle it on or off again.

If "/p" does not work, you can use these alternative modes to increase the protection:

  • /pg or /p2 Captcha unregistered users and gag new guests for 3 minutes
  • /pc or /p3 Captcha all guests
  • /pr or /p4 Make the chat registered user only
  • /pm or /p5 Make the chat members only

The main owner of the chat can use gcontrol power to change the default duration of hours and the default rank of who can turn on protect mode.

Note: Members and above do not need to complete a captcha when protect mode is on.

/s Scroll Message

If you are an Owner or Main Owner, you can send a scroll message to the bottom of typing box in the chat.

For example, type:

  • /sWelcome to my chat. Please behave well or you will be banned.

You can change the color by adding a color code, for example add #FF0000 to the end of the message for red.

/sWelcome to my chat. Please behave well or you will be banned.#FF0000 will produce a red scrolling message.

You can also set the scroll remotely using an API: SetScroller

/i Information

If you are an owner you can find out who changed the scroll or who entered protect mode by typing /i in the main chat. The chat will reply with something like: /s 1345634 /p 2365342, which shows you the ids of the last users to use the /s and /p commands.

/o Smiley Effects

You can make the chat box automatically add smiley effects to all the smilies you send. To do this, type /o followed by the code of the effect without the # sign.

For example, if you want all your smileys to be mirrored and you have the Mirror power, type /om in the chat box and send it like a message. You can also combine effects, for example, /omis will make all the smileys mirrored, inverted and made square, as long as you have all the required Powers. You can also combine color effects, for example, /oFFFFFF will make all your smileys white.

/f Add Friend By ID

To add any xat user to your friends list when you only have their xat ID, type /f followed by their ID, then one space and the name you want to appear on your friends list.

For example, "/f999999999 Abcd" will add the user with the ID 999999999 to your friends list with the name "Abcd."

/t Ignore User

Type /t in PC to ignore a user. If you have the TTTH power, you can also send a full-screen smiley / message along with ignoring.

/h Hush Chat

NOTE: Must have hush power Type /hg10Hush!! to hush the chat. Change G to G for guest, M for member, D for moderator, or O for owner (hushing for example: Moderators will also hush all lower ranks). Change 10 to any amount of seconds, up to 60 seconds. Change "Hush!!" to any message (that will appear in the reason box). Note: you can not hush owners if you're a normal owner, and main owners can never be hushed.

/+ or /- Enable or Disable Powers

Type /+powername to enable a power or /-powername to disable a power. e.g. /-nopc will disable the NoPC power.

Edit Your Chat Dialog

Click [Edit Your Chat] button on the bottom right of your chat box, above the Sign Out button. Only the main owner can do this, for everyone else this button will say [Get a Chat Box] so they can get their own chat box if they wish.

Change the background picture?

To change the background, picture click on the [Change Background] button. You can choose a stock image from the selection shown or get a custom one using a number of different techniques. Chat boxes that have custom image look so much better and are usually much more popular. In the Background edit box you can:

  • Enter the direct link of an image you have uploaded to Imgur (Imgur tends to work on a larger scale of browsers then say, TinyPic or Photobucket), press the "Get Images" button to use the image specified as a background.
  • Enter a website and press the Get Images button, this would get all the images from the page for you to choose one to use as a background.
  • Enter a search term for what you want as your background, e.g. shark, city, emo and press the Get Images button. The chat box will show a number of related images for you to choose from.

Add a chat group tab

To add a chat group tab linked to your chat, click [Edit your Chat] above the Sign Out button and choose a group. If you know the name of a specific group you want to link, type it into the edit box located to the right of "Enter Group name here" and press the "Get" button. To remove a group from the tab, simply uncheck the box next to it.

Extra Features

The Extra Features page can be accessed either by pressing the "Extra Features..." button after accessing the "Edit Your Chat" menu OR by clicking "edit" at the bottom right of the chat, entering the password then clicking the "Chatbox settings" button. This page is used to regain or make a main owner at your chat, generate an embed code for your group and also edit other group settings.

Embedding my group

The first thing you will see on the Extra Features page is the ability generate an embed code for your chat group.

There is also the capability to change the inner background. You can change the background and the dimensions (or use the presets: small, medium and large) of the chat and then click "Update & Get Code" to update the chat and generate the new embed code. You can paste this code on any HTML-enabled space and your group will be accessible from your own website. The standard dimensions for your chat are 728 x 486 pixels. This option does not change the size of the chat when using the direct link.

Other options

All of the different options that can be changed.

Note: when finished editing these options you must scroll back up and click "Update & Get Code".

Do not list

If you do not want your chat group to be listed anywhere on xat (i.e. promotion, featured, popular pages, and search) you can check the "Don't include this chat box on any lists or charts" checkbox.

Members only

You can set your chat so that only members and above are allowed to chat there. It is perfect if you want to keep your chat restricted to friends.

It is recommended that you keep this off if you are starting a new group as it will discourage new visitors.

Live mode

Live mode is a special mode which allows you to host large events at your chat group, you can read more at Live.

Registered and members only

You can also set your group to only allow registered users to chat there, unless they are member or above.

It is also recommended that this stays disabled if you are starting out.

Subscribers and members only

Your group can be set so that only subscribed users (users who have at least 1 day) unless they are member or above. This is perfect for trading environments.

Once again, it is recommended to set it to off if you are starting a group.

Note: Members only of any kind and live mode are prohibited during promotion. To see all of the promotion rules, click here.

Don't store chat messages

This option allows you to have a fresh chat every time that you sign in. Helpful to hide bad messages after another user is banned.

Stricter banning

This option will enable a feature that will try to catch users who keep unbanning themselves by gagging them when they sign in.

Note: this may affect innocent people.

Don't display line of smilies

Demonstration of collapsible smiley line.

If this option is enabled, the line of smilies above the typing box will become collapsible. It will only appear when you hover over the first smiley.

Default chat box sounds off

This option simply defaults chat box sounds to OFF.

Transparent background

This option completely removes the inner background of the chat and makes it transparent. Useful if you want to see the full outer background.

Group language

You can set your group's language via this drop down menu, this is the language that the group will be shown as around the website (i.e. promotion and features pages).

Button color

The group's button color can be changed via this box. Click here to make your own customized color or here to see a list of color codes. You simply pick the code you want, copy it, and add the color code to change the chat buttons.


The xat built in radio feature allows you to play a Shoutcast station or an IP based radio station inside of your chat, and it is fairly easy to setup. Below we have a simple guide that will help you setup the radio inside of your group. Set up a radio on your xat chat.

Group powers

Group powers are a special type of power which apply group-wide changes such as smiley sets, flixes and other features. You can read more about group powers here.


To fully assign a group power, you need to check the box next to the respective power and scroll down and click "Update these options" once done, if the group power has an edit dialog it will now be visible


Unassigning a group power must be done via the chat. Type the power smiley in the chat such as (banish), click on it and click unassign.

Direct link

The link provided in the box will give you direct access to your chat group without embedding it on a website. You can also go to your chat group by going to xat.com/GROUPNAMEHERE

Edit later (main link)

Save this link and you will be able to come back to the Extra Features page easily. This link can also be given to other users to allow them to become main owner without acquiring the group's password.


When should I kick and ban people?

It depends on the severity of the offense. You should try to be fair and for a minor or first offense, you should verbally warn them or kick them first. Generally the first ban should be for 1 hour, so the person has a chance to get back on later and change their behavior. If you ban someone and they remain online, you could decide to un-ban then and give them a second chance. Most people follow the rules after being banned. If someone is being annoying we suggest you ask the other chatters if they want the person banned, or even have a vote.

You should always give good reasons so everyone else knows why you kicked / banned a user. Otherwise they may think that you are being unfair and decide to chat somewhere else. If your rules are hard to find for users or are too complex, making them more readily available to users may prevent having to ban or kick them. Often times, chat rooms with no rules displayed will give users the impression that you have no rules for the chat, and will only lead to misuse of your chat by others. In short, letting users know were the rules are located, or what the rules may be, will prevent having to ban or kick frequently.

How many moderators should I make?

You should make enough moderators to look after your chat box when you are away. You need to be careful whom you make a moderator as it only takes one bad one to ruin a chat box.

I’m not an owner anymore, how do I get my owner status back?

Click on the create link that you bookmarked when you made your chat box. This will restore your ownership status.

You can also regain ownership by clicking the Edit button below the group (on the bottom right of the page) and entering your password, then clicking *Chat Box Settings*. Then click *Update and get code* to regain ownership. You can also click on this link and replace the *'s with the name of your group.

Note: This feature only works for Groups

I’ve received feedback

If someone presses the "Send the Owner a message" button, we will relay this to you by e-mail. If the message is about moderators abusing their powers when you are not around, you should investigate but some people will complain even if they have been banned fairly.

I made a main owner that I shouldn’t have or someone has hijacked my chat box?

If you have owners on your chat box that you didn’t make or no longer want then you can reset the chat by going to "Edit" above the chat, then filling in your password and clicking "Submit", then clicking "Reset Chat" at the bottom. Everyone on the chat will be made a guest excluding the person who reset the chat.

How do I make more main owners?

We would strongly advise against making multiple main owners. Only the original main owner, who created the chat box/group, should make a person a main owner.

To make a second main owner/admin, give them the URL for editing the chat box. You can get this by going "Edit your chat", "Extra Features"

The URL will look something like:


Give the link to the person you want to make a main owner (you cannot send it through xat to prevent you from accidentally pasting it). You will be still the main owner of your chat if you add another main owner.

WARNING: ONLY GIVE THE LINK TO A PERSON YOU CAN TRUST! OTHER MAIN OWNERS CAN EDIT YOUR CHAT AND CAN NOT BE DEMOTED OR BANNED! It is highly recommended you only do this on Groups so you can get control back if they go bad. If you make a main owner on a non-group box, they have the ability to convert it to a group and make you a guest and even ban you.

Can I put the same chat box on several different pages?

Yes, you can paste the embed code on as many pages as you like. If you have multiple social networking sites you can use this as a way of connecting them together so your friends for each site can interact with each other.

Can I put several chat boxes on the same pages?

Yes, you can but generally we would advise against it. The exception is if you have a personal and a group chat box and want them separate.

$tealth Mode

Owners can appear on the user list as a guest (green) by putting a $ as the first character of their name. So if you were normally called WuggyBunch, you would change your name to $WuggyBunch. Only you will be able to see the $. You can use this if you just want to talk with your friends and don't want to be bombarded with private chats by new visitors.

Moderators and other owners may still be able to figure out you're an owner by clicking on your name and seeing that the "Ban" "Kick" and "Make Member/Guest" buttons are grayed out.

Anyone will be able figure out you're an owner if you use your owner powers (Make members, ban, etc.)

Chat Group Owners

How do I start a chat group?

Go here [1] and complete the online form. Be sure to use a correct and valid email address. See Groups for more information on this subject.

How do I put stuff on my page?

Go to your chat group and click the edit link (bottom right). Enter your password and you will be able to edit the settings and add whatever you want to the page. If you put interesting content, this can make your chat group more popular as people will visit it to see it.

What can I do if I don’t want to run my chat group anymore?

You cannot delete a chat group. However, you can close it. To do so, edit your chat group and reset the chat box. Then, select "Chat Box Settings" at the top of the Edit chat box page. Scroll down to the "Extra Chat Box Features" and check off "Make this chat for members only". After 90 days the group will become inactive. See Transfer Group.

I'm not Main owner of my group anymore?

Go to your chat group and press the "Edit" button at the bottom right of the page. Type your chats password and press "Submit". Finally, press the "Chat Box Settings" button. This will now restore you as Main owner.

How to set a group background

The edit group page now includes a box for a background URL. In here you can put the URL of an image.

The image must be an absolute url e.g start with http:// in lowercase and be unblocked see Images. You can also enter background CSS in this box, so for example if you want an fixed, centered, non repeating image use:

background-image:url(http://www.mydom.com/MyPic.jpg); background-position:Center Center; background-attachment:fixed;

(Note this must be one line with no line breaks)

How to stop my group being listed

On the chat box click "Edit your chat", then "Extra features". Scroll down to "other options" and check: "Don't include this chat box in any lists or charts"

How to reset your chat group

If you lost control of your group or made a main owner etc do this:

1: Go to your group (eg xat.com/MyGroup)

2: Click the "edit" link bottom right hand corner

3:Enter your password and press "Submit"

4: Scroll to the bottom of the group edit page and press "Reset chat box" button. (WARNING This will clear all moderators, members and bans!)

5: It might also be a good idea to change the group password and your email password.