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*code: l (lgbt flag)  
*code: l (lgbt flag)  
*code: m (letter m)
*code: v (letter v)
*code: F (flower2)
*code: F (flower2)

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paints.png (PAINTS) - Paint-themed FX smilies

Example of FX in action: (pframe#ws)

  • Note: You have to add the colors before the options. Example: (pframe#pframe#65076D#ws).
  • w = Start option
  • s = Smiley (item, see list below)

Items available

  • code: s (smile)
  • code: a (heart)
  • code: p (pawn)
  • code: x (xat planet)
  • code: f (flower)
  • code: t (star)
  • code: r (rooster)
  • code: e (earth)
  • code: l (lgbt flag)
  • code: F (flower2)
  • code: L (lemon)
  • code: c (candy)
  • code: b (bear)