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Xat kullanirken güclü bir sifrenizin olmasi gereklidir. Kisilerin sifrenizi tahmin edip hesabiniza girmelerini önler. Bakiniz Phishing

Güclü sifre nedir?

Güclü bir sifre 8 karakterden olusur harfler (hem büyük hem kücük) ve sayilar ile kombine edilir. Bu nedenle xat sifreniz, büyük kücük harf ve numara icermelidir.

Sifremin güclü oldugunu nasil bilebilirim?

The strength of your password depends on the amount of characters you have used. The more characters your password contains, the stronger it will be.

How do I make a strong password?

Your password should be at least 8 characters long with a mix of uppercase, lowercase characters and numbers. Avoid using your name, username, birthday, repeated characters, or set of common words. Your password should be different to any other social account you own.

How often should I change my password?

You should change your password once every 3 - 6 months.