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pcback.png (PCBACK) - Private chat background

Pcback võime abil saad määrata privaatvestluse aknale vabalt valitud tausta, mida näeb kahekõnes osalev vestluspartner.

NOTE: If you use a default avatar, anything after the numbers will disappear and your avatar will be your PCBack. If you have an animated avatar, PCBack won't work.

Kuidas see töötab

  • Tausta määramiseks kaasa soovitud otselink "Pilt" lahtrisse profiilis, eraldades privaatvestluse taustapildi trellidega (#) avatarist (näide all).
  • Enne trelle kuvatakse linki/koodi, mis määrab profiilipildi/avatari. Trellidele järgneb otselink tagatausta pildile.
  • Kui sa ei lisa tagatausta, kuvatakse sinu avatari selle asemel.
  • See ei kehti kasutajatele, kes on määranud avatariks smaili.
  • If you want to turn off users' PCBacks from showing and only see chat background, use $pcback=off
  • If you wish to use a default avatar and use a PCBack, visit https://www.xatworld.com/xatavatars/, find the avatar you want by using the generator, and drag it to Imgur. This will reupload the avatar and give you a link that you can use so you can set a PCBack with it.
  • The maximum character limit is 128 characters. This is commonly surpassed by ImageShack and Photobucket. This causes your background to appear white or not show up at all. It is recommended that you use https://imgur.com or https://cubeupload.com for both your avatar (if it is not a smiley) and your PCBack to prevent this.
  • If you private chat a user that does not own the PCBack power, you will instead see your own PCBack.
  • Here is an example of how it should look: